Monday motivation


Monday motivation

I remember my dad’s truck, he uses it for works on his farm. That truck can carry the whole world…lol. From time to time when I needed to carry some loads, I would call popsy to borrow it and he graciously allowed me use it but the truck had a problem; the reverse gear didn’t work well. You would think that’s a small problem but a trial will convince (sorry, confuse) you…lol. You may have to drive about 30 minutes before the reverse gear can work and mind you once you switch off the engine for 30 minutes, the reverse gear returns to comma.

Imagine the mathematics you have to do each time you need to make a u-turn or when you want to park. In fact that truck needed no security, just park it in a position that would require reversing to get out. Driving requires some mathematics but this truck required further maths. Anyway I managed to drive it, I must confess though that once in a while I had to call people to help push. On one occasion, I and my wife ran into a riot in that truck, there was no car behind me so the ordinary thing to do would have been to turn back but knowing the condition of the truck, I wound up the window, locked the door and drove through (James bond style). My wife’s heart moved to her mouth. 

Why am I telling you this story? I see a lot of people turn back so easily at the slightest challenge they face in their life’s journey. They make up their mind to do something and they set out but before you know it, they turn back- a luxury my dad’s truck wouldn’t afford you.Their reverse gear works too well. Granted, we all need to reverse sometimes but if you keep reversing at every pothole on life’s road, you will never get to your destination. Many marriages would have worked if the reverse gear (divorce) wasn’t a ready option, many visions and dreams too would have been realized if not that the visioner was driving a car with a perfectly working gear R. That truck taught me two things, one of which is that when you know you can’t go back, you will find a way to go forward. You will need my dad’s truck even more when you are sure God is the one who led you to embark on that journey, that way you know that whatever happens, it is forward ever backward never.

Psalms 78:9
The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. 

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Feyi Abraham Adesanya is a lover of God’s word and a sound teacher of the same. His simple, humorous and powerful presentation of the word of God endears him to his many listeners around the globe . among other things, he is passionate about helping youths discover and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. He is founder and president of The Teacher Ministries, married to Olabisi Adesanya and blessed with two beautiful children.

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