Monday motivation

Experience is still the best teacher!

Monday motivation

So this statement has in recent times been questioned. Many now say, that the experience of others is the best teacher, why go through a thing when you can read about how another person went through it and take a Que from there!!??

Hnmmmm!!! So true!!!

Here is however a 2 Kobo worthy of consideration.

In a given life even what forms the bedrock of our experience is not only the events itself, but also the series of other reactions that happened at the same time with the event, This means that even though the main event is the focal point, no single event ever happens in isolation, There are other surrounding events which are unconsciously taken-in and invariably form the basis for the decisions we make when we make them.

If maturity is formed from experience, what makes us mature is not just the conscious events, but exposure to the various unconscious occurrences which acommpany the main events also serve as experience builders.

So even though a writer puts to paper a detailed analysis of the main events, the other unconscious occurrences are mostly omitted.
This is why the basis or the well from which a truly matured mind takes from can’t be specified . How he knows is not clear but we know he knows.

Never forsake an opportunity to put yourself out there and learn , gather your own experience, create your own story . For life will test you not on the experience of others but on your own experiences….

Am I saying you should not read …… Oooh no!! Amassing the wealth of experience of others give us an edge when facing our own experiences, but it should never replace ours……

whatever endeavour you undertake in life as much as you gather written knowledge take time to get your hand in the mud… Be trained, be mentored, pay the price of experience.

Only then can your maturity be true!!!

Stay Solid!!


Author’s bio: 

Olugbenga Emoruwa is a public speaker, life coach, pastor and counselor, a visionary who’s life’s mission is to impact lives.
He is dedicated to helping people reach their goals and he does this Through public speaking, book writing and counseling. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with friends and family. His favorite pastimes are traveling and interior designing. olugbenga is a critical thinker, a go-getter and an active Listener who believes “if you can dream it, then you can achieve it”! 

You can connect with him on his platform On Instagram


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