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Find your voice: carve a niche for yourself!

Motivation Monday

It’seasy to get lost in this crazy mixed up world! Loosing your essence, misplacing your originality is quite easy. You need to know however, that amidst all the distractions, chaos, confusion and anarchy, you still can shine through.

Do you feel lost, do you feel choked up by everyone and everything, do you feel invisible. Do you feel as if no one hears you or sees you. Do you feel like you are scrambling to get involved and be heard? I have felt this way for years and that is because I decided to drop my originality and go with the flow!

Early this year this experience hit me hard, I really didn’t know what it was until I had a conversation with my friend she made me realize that what I had been experiencing is called ” identify crisis”
Identity crisis is a state of self loss that means you are at a place where you know longer know who you really are and most of what you do is just to fit in, you don’t do certain things anymore because you feel it’s not conventional, or it’s not in popular demand. for me, it was more like my attitude towards people had been taken for granted and this made me recoil and not want to be my original kind , vulnerable self because I had an experience where such show of love had been abused. This is a common experience that most of us go through. Identity crisis happens even to the best of us, in our relationships with people, in business and in life generally. Where you are afraid to be yourself to own your originality because you fear that it might not necessarily be acceptable within your sphere, or because you have been taken advantage of before.

Whatever the case is, there is a need to stay sane, there is a need to find your voice and own it regardless of how it is perceived, there is a need to retain your originality, have a plan and stick to it. No matter what.
find your voice and own it Carve a niche for yourself and build your life around it. Don’t discard your ideas because they are unconventional!

Don’t smash your personality into a little box and throw that box out the window. Because of fear that people would judge me

Finding your voice, and owning it, is tough but it’s the best thing that would ever happen to you, stay unapologetically you…no matter what it is that you want to venture into don’t be tempted to
conform to the people around you and whatever their expectations and demands might me.

You’re going to want to blend in with everyone else because of your innate fear of being judged by other people. Don’t fall for it, you would end up just walking in circles, burnout and Fall out.

What blends in gets forgotten. What stands out gets remembered.

Stay you!!


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