5 types of backpacks everyone deserves to have!

Backpacks are a must-have for virtually everyone! They are super handy, super comfy and most of the time super affordable! There are so many types of backpacks that you could own. No matter the size design or color you want, you sure would find. There are so many different types of backpacks available in the market, so having a guide to help you with your choices is so important. Different backpacks have different uses so it’s really important to know which one you want to buy and what purpose you would want it to serve.

Vintage backpacks: this type of backpack is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. A Black vintage backpack would be a great choice if you are looking for something slightly different from the conventional type of bags like a tote bag or a cross body bag, you could go for a vintage bag instead. It is usually pretty small, and very cute, and mainly for the ladies. They can hold your Essentials like your phone and mini Make up kit.
Most vintage backpacks are designed to be stylish and complement you outfit.

Travel backpacks: These type of backpacks are a must-have for every traveler, because they are super-handy and are super convenient. There are different types of travel backpacks, there are the large ones and the slightly smaller backpacks, different airlines accept certain sizes that they consider small enough to be accepted inside a cabin so you need to know the requirements of the airline you are traveling with this should serves as a guide for choosing which bag to buy. Most travel backpacks have several compartments, which makes it really easy for you to organize your essential items.

Everyday backpacks: as the name implies, this type of backpacks serve you on the daily! They are your everyday go to bag for running around, hiking, biking or just hanging out with friends. An everyday backpack can serve several purposes, it is usually nothing too fancy just a good backpack for holding your stuff. Most everyday backpacks have several compartments which serve in holding whatever items you choose to put into it.

Anti-Theft Backpack: Whether you are a traveler or a student if you have some valuables that you might have to carry around every once in a while, getting an anti-theft backpack is a great idea. These type of backpacks look like the regular ones at first glance but in reality they are designed with lots of zippers and zipper pullers that are not visible. These packs can have several anti-theft features; some of which include cut-proof fabric, RFID blocking pockets. Etc this kind of backpacks are a amazing when it comes to protecting your valuables from theft.

Laptop Backpack
These type of backpacks are super useful for carrying your laptop around stress-free.
Laptop backpacks come in different sizes, colors and design but they always have sleeves for your laptop whether the sleeve you choose to go for is internal or external it is totally up to you. Whatever the case is, just ensure that the backpack you decide to buy suits your laptop perfectly. Make sure that the padding is good enough to protect your device from damage.

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