Comfortable and Stylish Summer Wardrobe Essentials for All Occasions

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to switch out those cosy jumpers and scarves for vest tops and shorts. But no matter how hard you try, you always end up wearing the same t-shirts and trousers all summer long, and most of your summer wardrobe ends up untouched. Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you climb out of that trap and revamp your wardrobe with fabulous essentials to get you excited about venturing out this summer.


City Breaks

There’s something different about the thrill of exploring a city you have never visited before. You’re out discovering funky restaurants, trying new foods, learning about historic sites, and finding all those hidden gems. But this usually comes with lots of walking and, especially in summer, sun and sweat. You need something light and comfortable. Linen is a naturally light and loosely woven material, making it breathable and perfect for wandering around hot city streets. Try partnering some plus size linen tops with some floaty patterned trousers to glide around the city with ease and keep cool. Practical, yet chic and stylish.




Energizing Activities

Summer always involves activities outside. Hiking, cycling, walking, tennis, you name it. Even when the weather isn’t playing ball, activities outside happen all summer long. When it’s hot, you need something that is going to keep you cool. Opting for an oversized sports t-shirt with some cycling shorts will keep the air flowing around your body whilst protecting those areas prone to sunburn. Paring a short t-shirt with some thin baggy joggers is perfect for those cooler days, and take out a light zipped jacket to throw on over the top just in case you start to feel a chill.




Girls Night

There aren’t many better feelings than being out with your friends on a warm summer evening. With it not getting dark until late, you’re able to stay out longer and have more fun. Of course, the girls look absolutely gorgeous, as usual, but you will be turning heads too when you rock up in a sleek and slimming black slip dress, bold statement necklace, and shiny new sandals. Take an oversized shirt in your favourite colour to casually drape over when it starts to get chilly later into the evening and you have the perfect outfit for looking like the fresh fashionista that you are.



Beach Ready

The beach is always a regular spot in the summer. Everyone enjoys a day of reading, swimming, sunbathing, frisbee, building sandcastles and all the other beach activities. Buying mix and match bikini sets will have you rocking a new look each and every time you go to the beach. Keeping the bikinis plain but bright means you can slip on that perfectly matching colourful chiffon dress over the top when you need to pop to the ice cream van or join in the football match. Stylish, useful, and the perfect addition to those beach day snaps.

Whatever your plans this summer, you clothing choices need to be practical, keeping you cool and comfortable, but also making you feel like a million dollars everywhere you go. Using this guideline, you’re able to do just that.

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