5 Fun Ways to Spice up Your Dating Game Online in Merseyside

Love remains one of the most beautiful things to happen to anybody, but most times sustaining the energy is where the whole work lies. Online dating is usually beautiful when it starts newly. However, it takes a lot of planning to sustain the chemistry and bond.


It can become tasking when you are trying to come up with creative date ideas that will help you spice up your dating game. Virtual dates are awesome, but more memorable when both parties have more reasons to yearn for each other’s affection.


It becomes essential to learn how to spice up your dating game especially if the distance seems to be a barrier in the relationship. Living in Merseyside, North West side of England might affect your love life when your lover is in New York.


You’ll need to learn how to find the love spark between you and your online lover. This includes looking out for proactive ways to sustain the level of attraction. The truth is, you can build your Merseyside dating adventure into a lifetime journey.


However, you don’t need to have an online date before you learn how to spice up one. You might find yourself a lover someday, just with your smartphone, and the knowledge you’ve accumulated so far will help you groom it into something beautiful.


Here are five fun Merseyside Dating Merseyside Dating Ideas to spice up your dating game online in Meyerside.

Five Merseyside Dating Ideas

  • Read a book together

You’ll need to figure out if your lover is a book lover. A two-man book club for lovers would not only set an academic goal for you and your lover, but it will also intensify the level of dedication amongst both parties.

  • Virtually stream the same movie/TV show

There are movie extensions and apps that make it possible for two people to stream the same movie or live show.

You can make use of Netflix party, two-seven, or watch2getter. There are a lot of movie software that can make this possible. Both of you can select a movie or series that you haven’t seen and watch the episodes together.

  • Watch each other cook a meal

There’s nothing else that bonds two people other than carrying each other along in your daily activities. All you have to do is to select a time that is comfortable for your lover and watch each other prepare the same meal. International holidays are the best time for this as both parties wouldn’t have other official duties to attend to.

  • Play an online game together

The internet has made it easier for different people to host and compete in tournaments without seeing each other. You can select a sports game, puzzles, adventure, or an FPS war game. To make it entertaining, you can attach friendly prizes to each other’s wins.

  • Enjoy the environment together

Distance has made it difficult to be physically present with your lover, but you can creatively spice up things by virtually living through with them in their daily affairs.


You can decide to turn on a live video chat and have your lover watch you jog. The both of you could also decide to stargaze together or take a walk together. You can watch your lover make goofy faces and beautiful expressions while you admire the serene nature of their environment.


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