Great Investment Idea: Vintage Items To Watch Out For & Splurge On

what is considered vintage? Vintage items are those old pieces that are below a hundred years old. If you have seen these items lying around your home or have been meaning to visit a vintage store nearby, it will be worth knowing which ones would bring you a lot of money.


Vintage and antique items, especially jewellery from earlier time periods such as Art Deco or those from post-war forties, don’t only have stories to tell. These beautiful pieces also hold significant value.

However, don’t limit your search on jewellery alone, as there are plenty other possible items that are worth the cash. Read on to know what those are.


Valuable Vintage Items

If you are in the middle of ridding your house of what you think are old, useless items, you may want to do a bit of research first and then have a second look. What you may have thought to be old, useless items may prove to be valuable. Who knows, in your possession may be some rare antique items that collectors have been wanting to get their hands on.

If you want to invest in vintage and antique items yourself, then a good start would be to get your items from antiques dealers online at Below are items you may have not thought are worth the investment.



You may have one of those clunky typewriters that are now made obsolete due to the advent of computers and have been thinking of throwing them out. You will be surprised that you could profit from it. It could be worth more than $200 or even above $500, depending on the model.


Perfume Bottles

Stop, if you are about to throw those older perfume bottles lying around in the house. You will want to check the International Perfume Bottle Association for information regarding vintage perfume bottles, and take them to a vintage store to see how much they could be worth. Who knows, those bottles had been customised and comes with a backstory.


Old Coins Such As Quarters

There are people who are fascinated with coins from the past. Coin collectors have an inkling how valuable their old coins could become. Some coins could fetch $100. If you find a lot of these coins, imagine how much you could sell them for!


Old Deeds

Land deeds that have been passed through generations could be worth a lot of money. If you find one with an older handwriting, you will want to abandon any plans of throwing them. It’s worth taking another look and keeping.


Old Video Games

You will be surprised that those classic video games could bring you a thousand dollars, especially if they’re in the higher ticket range.


VHS Videos

Check for rare names, that’s one sign that you have an item of value. Those chunky objects are worth doing a research on. You will not want to throw away something that could fetch you a lot of money.


The above mentioned are just some vintage items that would be a great idea to invest in. However, you should not forget to only deal with trustworthy antique dealers when acquiring or selling any of these items.


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