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Why You Should Have A Guide When Touring China

China is a huge country and if you are planning a holiday in this amazing country, you really should have a local guide, who can help you in so many ways. English is not commonly spoken in China, especially when you get away from the main tourist places, and by having an experienced guide at your side, you will benefit in so many ways.

Booking your Tour 

There are UK based companies that offer escorted private tours to China, and by booking with such an operator, you can tailor the holiday to suit your requirements. When looking for a suitable tour operator, check out the online reviews, which will give you a clear idea of the level of service, and if many people say good things about the tour operator, the chances are, you will be very happy with the outcome.

The Language Barrier

If you were to ask a person who has already toured China, they would probably tell you they had communication issues, and this can be avoided if you book with a tour company that provides you with a local guide who speaks fluent English. Not only that, the guide can tell you all about the local history when you visit places of attraction, and you will appreciate so much more, when you have some background knowledge on the place you are visiting. If you would like to know more about the history of China, there are informative articles that will help to prepare you for your visit.

Maximise the Enjoyment

While you are touring China, your local guide will arrange everything on your behalf, and should you wish to buy some souvenirs, the guide will make sure that you don’t pay too much. You will never get lost if you have your very own guide, who will be at your side throughout the trip, and should you need anything, the guide will get it for you without a problem.

Knowing the Best Places

The best places to visit in China might not be on the tourist trail, but your guide will know exactly where to go, giving you a real insight into the way the local people live. The guide can also find things that you would like to see, such as local factories where they make handicrafts and other interesting things.


When you meet a Chinese person who can’t speak English, you can still communicate if you have a local guide, which means you can get to know the local people and ask them questions about their culture and lifestyle. Aside from translating, your guide can tell you a lot about the Chinese culture and way of life, which will give you more of an insight into their society.


If you would like to know more about preparing for a holiday in China, search online for an established UK based tour operator, and they can give you the best advice and also make sure that you have a local guide with you during your stay.

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