My Personal development goals for March

Stepping into a new month comes with a lot of challenges. It becomes clearer and more challenging when I’m living with a goal and a plan. Just like every month, my personal development goals for March cuts across different areas of my life; financial, health, personal, financial, relationship, etc.



Sometimes, it could reflect in my choice for luxury or shopping list, like getting a JQUEEN Watch winders. To some persons, this might seem like an out-of-the-box purchase. But to me, it is essential to keep my watches accurate and safe. 



I wouldn’t want to always adjust my watch whenever I have to wear them. A personal development goal shouldn’t be limited to huge things you will love to achieve, but also little things that will make you happy.


However, here are my personal development goals for March.

Personal development goals for March


  • Health plans

Creating a health plan in line with my personal development goals aims at helping me keep a healthy routine. This influences my dietary plans, daily activities, and hours devoted to sleep. 

For March, I will commit more to staying consistent with exercise, taking a stroll every evening, and cutting down on fat intake. An increase in vitamins and minerals will also impact and boost my immune system.


  • Personal care

My personal care goals for March bother on taking care of myself. Sometimes, I realize that I deserve all the love I could give others. 

I might not go as far as taking myself on vacation, but I could get myself a JQUEEN Jewelry. My personal goals for March seem to be tilting towards my fashion needs. However, it is not a bad idea to get yourself adorned with pride.


I will include some abstinence from social media and detox my dopamine levels. When too much of something becomes obvious, it becomes an addiction. The goal is to control my time, my energy and decide what I want for myself. I deserve better! 

This will include improving the quality of my sleep, creating a daily schedule to make me more time conscious, and improving my time management skills. Mindfulness and discipline are my watchwords for March.


  • Financial goals

Saving and investing are not usually the fundamental pillars of a financial goal. What you wish to do with your savings, passive income and returns from investment speaks volumes about your financial goals. Apart from saving up to buy a home, which is a long-term goal, I will love to increase my earnings and savings to afford a JQUEEN Watch Box for Rolex.


My financial goals for March will lay more emphasis on increasing my earnings. This will require that I create multiple sources of income, cut down on impulse buying, and live with an organized budget.

Apart from saving up to own all that I need, there is also a need to build an emergency fund.


Personal development goals shouldn’t follow a strict routine. I always make provisions for changes and build a flexible plan that can accommodate stretches and drawbacks.

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