Mental health

Preventative Measures to help avoid a Mental Health Issue

Mental health has become an increasing concern for both people and business as this has been a growing issue for people being unwell.   It has been positively recognised more in recent years as a reason for people’s illness and more is being done to help recognise, treat and prevent.  Within the workplace this has taken a major step forward and there are mental health champions trained within organisations who are there to support and coach people with recognised conditions.



Signs of Mental Health Issues

There are many different variants of mental health issues which can include things such as depression or stress.   These are real conditions which people are diagnosed with and on occasion some of these people will receive medication.  The signs around mental health issues are not always obvious and sometimes these are not even recognised by the person concerned   Some signs could be mood swings, drinking too much or not leaving the house.  These could also be down to a number of reasons and not necessarily be related to mental health.  Also, some of these could be short term and could be fixed quickly.  The root cause of some of these issues could fix them (it could be being in a bad relationship, or unhappy in the workplace).



Employers Support

With employers putting a lot more focus on this, there has been a good level of support.   When people are off work sick with mental health issues nowadays generally this is accepted and not stigmatised whereas it previously could have been.   In the small number of cases though there have been dismissals unfairly for people that have been unable to work due to mental health.  Employers have a duty of care to work with the employee around this and try and support through their ill health capability process.  People like the Orlando Personal Injury Attorney are in place to help support people like this who have been dismissed and try and gain some justice.  This could mean actually suing the company and taking them to court.  More details can be found at  



Group Support

When people talk openly about their mental health issues, then it can be something that could help aid the recovery of the person.  This is not always easy to do and takes a level of bravery for people to talk openly about this to others.   There are a large number of groups that will take people with different conditions together, allow them to share their issues and also talk collaboratively about how they can prevent or treat it.  These groups are usually free of charge and information about them can either be found online or by your local health provider.




Recognising the trigger points of a mental health issue is important to help control or even prevent it from getting worse.  This is not always possible and when it is recognised it is important to take guidance or support.  There are a large number of people with similar mental health issues and talking can help control this significantly.

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