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The Rooms to consider having LED Pendant Lights hanging

Pendant lighting is great for adding both style and a touch of dramatic flair to any room, and whilst they look great in a variety of rooms around the house, you don’t want to overkill the style and have them hanging in every room.

These are the spaces to consider hanging some pendant lighting in your home, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to shopping for LED Pendant lights, so having a little knowledge on where you’re going to hang them will make the world of difference when narrowing down your choices.

The Rooms to consider having LED Pendant Lights hanging


Kitchen’s are one of the most popular places you’ll find pendant lighting in the home, and you’ll frequently find them installed above a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, but they can also look great above the kitchen sink too.

The important thing to remember with kitchen pendant lights is that there will be a lot of heat, steam and cooking grease in the air. So if the room is too small you might have to reconsider pendant lighting in here.

If you’ve got pendant lights in the kitchen, you’ll want simple designs that are easy to clean so you can remove the cooking grease frequently and keep your lights looking their best.

Dining room

You’ll often find pendant lighting installed over a dining table too, whether it’s in its own separate room, or combined with the kitchen. This type of lighting is great task lighting, for a space you know will be used daily, but also adds elegance to the design of the space too. The best piece of advice when installing pendant lighting in a dining room is to install a dimmer switch, as you can then control the output of light for different occasions, whether you want the lights bright for everyday use, or more ambient for a relaxing and romantic dinner.


Whether you’ve got a big or small entrance, a pendant light can make an impact as soon as you walk through the door. Just remember when picking a light for this area that you consider the placement of it – is it going to hang too low to hit people in the head? Also, the size of the light, is it going to dominate a small area.

Living room

Again you have to consider the space you’re working with when it comes to installing pendant lights in the living room. For big spaces they might be able to create a more cosy room by using pendant lights to create reading nooks, or over a big corner sofa for an entertainment area.


The bedroom is another excellent space to maybe install some pendant lighting. You could have them installed over the headboard, or you could replace table lamps by having mini pendant lights installed over your bedside tables.


If you have a study or office at home it’s likely that it’s not the most stylish space in your home, so with the addition of pendant lighting you could add a stylish flair to an otherwise boring space.

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