The Ultimate fashion checklist for 2019

The year is moving really fast, still can’t believe that we are already at the end of January. Seems like only yesterday when we said our New year wishes and made some new year resolutions.

How much of your resolutions have you been able to conquer? hopefully progress is being made. As much as we are working on getting every area of our lives sorted, let’s not forget to set our sights on the fashion Trends that we expect to see in 2019. Equipping yourself with this knowledge could serve as a guide when you go shopping for your fashion needs. So, let’s dive Right in.

5 Fashion Trends we expect to see in 2019

Bubble dressesFashion Trends for 2019  are you a huge fan of dresses? Let me guess you have them in bulk, different colors and different designs. from the little black dress to the sundress you wear during summer. well, it’s time to say yes to a bubble dress if you don’t have any, as it appears that this is one of the fashion Trends that we would be expecting to see in 2019.
Bubble dresses are a great addition to any woman’s collection, they are characterized by a very voluminous skirt which appears to look like a bubble. The hem of the skirt is folded back on itself to create a ‘Bubble’ effect at the hemline. So when next you go dress shopping, keep this in mind.

Statement sneakers it seems we just can’t have enough of this very comfy footwear. This year we still expect to see more statement sneakers in the fashion scene, so don’t stop adding to your collection. Sneakers are super comfy, great for literally any outfit and highly appreciated. There are so many amazing designs available these days, from Balenciaga to Nike statement sneakers, the choice is yours to make. It’s undeniable that statement sneakers are a trend we expect to see in 2019.

Bamboo bagsHow to Fix hair breakagewe’ve seen them on the runways, so, it would be no surprise when we start to see these bags more often in the fashion scene. Bamboo bags are really handy bags that look like baskets. These bags are Great for summer, it’s a trend we expect to see in 2019, So don’t be left out.

Feather jewelries when it comes to jewelry, whoever thought feather would be a thing ? Well, in the world of fashion, anything is possible. We expect to see more of feather earrings, necklaces and bracelets this year. So trade your conventional jewelry for some feather inspired pieces. If you are a boho- chic then this is perfect for you.

African prints:  expect to see a lot of African prints this year, especially during summer. The good thing about African prints, is that they can be used to create any style or fashion item, they are great for Dresses, jackets and every other fashion accessory you could think of. So stock up on some African print this year.

What other fashion Trends do you expect to see this year? Which is your favorite?.

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