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    No-fuss ways to figuring out the best products for 4c natural hair!

    After making the decision to transition to natural hair  the next big question is. What are the best products for natural hair that are not just good but also affordable? . Believe me, there are tons and you need not fret! today I’ll be recommending just a few natural hair products that I particularly love. In oder to treat your natural hair well , you’ll need a good Leave-in natural hair conditioner, natural hair shampoo, essential oils and hair cream. For starters! OK let’s dive in! Best products for 4c natural hair  To maintain a healthy and moisturized natural hair you need to Apply the oils to your hair at…

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    Natural hair

    Natural hair is Taking Over And Here’s Why You Should Join The Train!

    Have you ever wondered why some girls have decided to ditch relaxed hair for natural hair? I did for a while until the answers hit me like a light bulb and I decided to join the rapidly growing natural hair community. I made the decision to go natural with my hair this year after realizing how much damage chemicals and inorganic products had done to my once rich long kinky hair. I am not the best when it comes to hair care but definitely not as bad as my hair was becoming. Natural hair has become the new light skin and here’s why? 1. If you want healthy hair, go…