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Natural hair is Taking Over And Here’s Why You Should Join The Train!

Have you ever wondered why some girls have decided to ditch relaxed hair for natural hair? I did for a while until the answers hit me like a light bulb and I decided to join the rapidly growing natural hair community.

I made the decision to go natural with my hair this year after realizing how much damage chemicals and inorganic products had done to my once rich long kinky hair. I am not the best when it comes to hair care but definitely not as bad as my hair was becoming.

Natural hair has become the new light skin and here’s why?

1. If you want healthy hair, go natural!!

Relaxers leave hair weak and brittle. Let’s just say it causes irreparable damage. Including changing the color of your hair to something that’s not quite in the books yet.

2. It’s cheaper : this reason is the first on my personal list.
forget what anyone told you. Natural hair products are affordable, as a matter of fact they are all around you. With Shea Butter and coconut oil you can maintain your natural hair without having to go to the salon every week and spending lots of money. It’s downright cheaper and less demanding.

3. You can be more creative with natural hair it’s  rich and healthy, so you can be a lot more creative with hairstyles. You can do so much more than a ponytail or donut bun with it. Look at beautiful and lovely Hazal Kaya how she styles her hair. 

4. it’s thicker : if you’re like me and you love thick hair, then you should totally be on this team it’s easier to achieve a full and big hair’d look whereas with Relaxed hair it’s easier to achieve a straight, “silky” look. So, Take apick.

5. It’s easier to manage : with natural hair you don’t have to bother about getting drenched in the rain, because the rain can’t harm your natural hair unlike the relaxed hair.

6.Natural hair also has the potential to retain more length.Chemically treated hair has been weakened, and therefore, extra care is necessary to retain length. However bear in mind that the length of your hair is ultimately determined by your internal health and how you care/maintain your hair.

P. S- the biggest problem most people have with natural hair is that it tangles alot and can be quite a challenge to detangle. Good news is there are several methods that can help reduce the detangling process, however it’s still a process but given the numerous advantages natural hair has its worth the effort.


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