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How to Manage Your Hair with Tight Schedule

If the issue of frizzy hair is bugging you, the first thing you must figure out is what causes it. Secondly, you must select a  treatment method specific to your natural hair quality. If your hair lacks in moisture content, the external opens up. This makes an in let for aerial moisture to get absorbed inside. As a result, the hair swells up causing formation of frizz on hair.

There are definitely ways in which you can prevent your lovely hairstyle from the humidity of the surroundings. But people have limited time to provide optimal hair care. This is why most people opt for full lace wigs as an alternitive on bad hair days. Expert hairstylists have shared views on how frizzy hair could be prevented with simple hair care tips as well as the best hair care vitamins

1. Selecting a glycerine rich shampoo:  If your shampoo has high concentration of sulphate, it will strip your hair strand of its natural moisture. Avoid using a shampoo with high sulphate concentration. Instead,your shampoo must be glycerine rich.

Glycerine enters the inside of hair shaft and its lubricating nature aids in complete hydration of hair.In this way, a glycerine rich shampoo helps to prevent frizz.
Besides that, glycerine also forms a protective coating outside hair shaft. Hair strand gradually becomes resilient and strong due to the long term effect of glycerine.

2. Conditioning with glycerine and hydrating agents: Select a hair conditioner with high concentration of hydrating constituents. Some natural ingredients causing hydration are coconut oil and Shea butter.

Start applying hair conditioner on your mid shaft downwards towards hair tips. Remember to prevent the roots from minimal exposure to hair conditioners.

3. Conditioning more and shampooing less: Use hair conditioner twice in a week rather than shampoo. Conditioners are healthier as they contain low amount of surfactants. So, these are able to clear your hair without depriving it off the natural oils.
Those with fine hair must use a lightweight conditioner. On the other hand, persons with thick and coarse hair must use a rich hair conditioner with high proportion of desirable ingredients.

4. Frequent application of hydrating mask: It is advisable to try out a special hair treatment weekly, at least in winters.In winters, pores in your hair strand get filled up as the moisture gets absorbed inside causing frizz.

Applying a hydrating mask every week prevents the hair from the soaking process and thus prevents frizz. Select hydrating mask rich in glycerine and other desirable ingredients such as silk proteins and vegetable ceramides.

5. Preconditioning hair for blow drying: Before using the blow dry treatment of hair, ensure that your hair is at least 90 percent dry.If hot air falls directly upon hair, it instantly causes dehydration making it frizzy.

This step is more crucial for straight or slightly wavy hair variants.s, According to hair stylist only10 percent drying must be done using a blow dryer. Rest of the drying must be a natural process.

6. Brushing hair for distributing natural oils:  Regular brushing helps in the uniform distribution of natural oils. Brush your hair regularly with a boar bristle brush. As you brush through your hair, the oils from the scalp get distributed over the rest of the surface.

Hence, your hair gets the hydration it needs. You can also prevent the reaction of humidity on the hair strands.

7. Brushing with dry oil using mixed bristle brushes: Apply a dry oil when your hairretains some degree of moisture. This helps in locking moisture content. For best results, start applying oils from the base of the hair shaft up to the tip.

Since oil acts a protective film, it prevents liquid penetration. When the dryness percent comes to 90 percent, use a round plastic brush with varied bristle designs.

Plastic bristles pick the hair up smoothly while boar bristles help in building tension in hair strands. Gradually, your hair becomes super straight.

8. Using thermal treatment for de-frizzing hair: You can de-frizz your wavy hair with the help of a curling iron. Alternately, you can dry your hair or put it in a bun.
As your hair cools, the cuticle gets set intoits place. Use a barrel iron to define your curls. The thermal treatment prevents the growth of frizz in hair.

9. Using a cream hydrator and diffuser for thick and coarse hair :If you have thick and curly hair, use a cream hydrator and diffuser. Once your cleansing and hair conditioning process is over, a cream rich product is smeared from root to the tip of hair.

Before application upon hair, warm it by rubbing between hands. Then use your fingers to make curls in your hair, to get your desired shape. Allow your hair strands to dry out. You can use a moderate diffuser for the drying process. Set its speed low and use it at high heat while hair drying.

By following these amazing tips, you can easily Manage your hair even when you are stuck up in a tight schedule.

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