5 Reasons why you Need to Protect your Photos With Visual Watermark

If you’re a photographer, blogger or business owner who takes professional photos and put them online, there’s always the constant fear that other people can copy and use your photos without your permission and without giving any credits to you.

The best way to avoid such issues is to protect your own digital photos by watermarking them.

A watermark is a logo or word(s) placed over the top of the photo and the process is really simple, especially when you are using the right software.

One of the best watermark softwares you can use is visual watermark.
I particularly love and recommend visual watermark because

It’s fast and easy to use: I find visual watermark very easy to use and that’s what I really love about the software.
With visual watermark you can add your logos to100 photos within 1 minute even if you are not tech savvy, You can easily and quickly add custom logos to your photos.Visual Watermark

It Works offline: We all know how hard it can be sometimes having to deal with slow Internet connection and terrible network. Visual watermark software works even when you are offline, once you have installed the software
It loads photos right from your computer’s hard drive so it’s pretty fast and convenient. This means you can work anywhere and anytime, there are no restrictions.

Beautiful interface: visual watermark has so many styling options to choose from.
There are many built-in logos, fonts and colours available for you to use. If you want to crop or resize your photos, make your logos opaque or transparent, large or small, you can. Just like they said, the possibilities are endless.

It’s flexible: there are so many business owners, and photographers who put digital photos online but do not have any logos of their own to use in watermarking these photos. Visual watermark has so many icons that can be used even if you have none. whatever the type of business, whether real-estate agents, restaurants, shops and transportation companies there’s something for you.
You can upload your own logo as well. If your logo has a background, there is an option to remove it. Interestingly, It also supports various image formats.

It’s safe and secure: with visual watermark there’s really no fear of having your watermark removed. These days
There are artificial intelligence algorithms that can analyze and automatically remove watermarks.
Visual watermarking tool makes unique watermarks that artificial intelligence algorithms struggle to remove.

If on the other hand you do not like to install softwares on your computer for fear of picking up a malware, You can use watermarkly to watermark your photos right on your computer. Watermarkly is a Web service that allows you to add custom logos to your pictures simply by
Importing photos from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.and it works instantly, there’s no waiting in line.

Select photos on your computer and start watermarking them immediately. Uploads and download are instant even if you have a slow internet connection.



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