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Top 10 DIY Natural Hair Styles For 4c Hair Types!

Hey Naturalistas! It’s been a while I wrote anything on this section *sighs* I have been so busy battling with my weight 🙁 seems like I gained a bit of weight over the past week and so I have been channeling all of my energy on diet related topics. You can check it out here, you might want to try it out (tip) it’s from the professionals!!

So sometime last year I hopped on the natural hair train which I wrote about here I also shared a few details why I made the switch and if you’ve been confused about whether to do or not to do, take a look at some of the reasons I listed and make up your mind already:)

My hair has become richer and healthier, just like I hoped and I am quite glad, my hair is still quite short because it’s been just 6 months since I did the big chop.

How has it been? You ask?

There’s no doubt that it’s not been all rosy because it’s pretty hard managing natural hair the whole de-tangling and deep conditioning thing can get quite tough, that’s why I did a post on some of the products you can use to manage your natural hair. And some of the best hairpieces for women  Do check it out!

Today I want to share with you some easy DIY (do-it-yourself) Natural Hairstyles which ladies with 4c hair types can try out. I am not the most creative person with my hair so these natural hairstyles are pretty easy for anyone to try out. It can get really confusing when it comes to switching up your natural hairstyle, especially for ladies with 4c hair type.

Now, If you’re like me some months ago and are still struggling with knowing your natural hair type you can read this post here, it should help. For the purpose of this post we would be focusing mainly on styles that are suitable with 4c hair types. This is the kinkiest of all  the hair types just like lupita nyongo’s hair. Now that should be easy to tell.

Okay, Enough ranting, lets dive right in, shall we?

Top 10 Diy natural hair styles For 4c hair types!

  • What you need:
  • bobby pins
  • Gel
  • Moisturized hair
  • Hair bands
  • A brush


High puff: hold up your natural hair into a puff with pins or a headband. Make sure it’s tight and well held together see how its done here.

Frohawk: This is an absolute favorite and a pretty simple DIY natural hairstyle, with bobby pins and hair bands you can achieve this look.

Bantu knots: this is one of my favorite natural hairstyles. Bantu knots originated from southern Africa and has gained a lot of popularity ever since. Check out this video on how to achieve this look.

PineappleNatural hair stylessounds interesting yeah? I know:) I’ve been wearing this style lately and I think it’s great. Pull your hair towards the crown of your head with a band, head tie or hairpins.

Afro:Natural hair styles how about just wearing your own natural afro. no one wears an afro better than a naturalist, just make sure your hair is well oiled and moisturized. Comb it properly and you’re good to go. If you need your afro to have a little more volume, you can straighten it by applying a little heat.

Double sided flat twists:

Natural hairstyles

this is super duper easy hairstyle you can check it out right here all you need to achieve this look is a properly moisturized hair and your hands. Twist the sides of your hair and pin them to the center, do this on both sides. You would be amazed at how good it looks.

Bantu knot out: Natural hair styles create natural curls for your hair by applying a good curling cream, one that works pretty fine is the cantu curling cream, after you’ve applied it, tie your hair into Bantu knots leave it to dry out well, this actually works better if you can let the knots stay overnight before letting it loose. You can wear this style to work or any occasion.

Natural Mohawk with braids:Natural hairstyles   not everyone is brave enough to wear the natural mohawk haircut which requires shaving the sides of your hair so instead you can braid the sides of your hair and leave the center free just make sure the part that is not braided is well moisturized and hydrated.

Twist out:Natural hair styles  are you a fan of twists? you can twist your hair  and then twist it out (loose the twists) to achieve curls.

One-sided flat twists: this is very similar to the double-sided flat twists, in this case rather than twist both sides of your hair you can twist one side why you leave the center free, once again make sure it is well moisturized and hydrated.

4c Natural hair tips!

  • Comb your hair when it’s wet and deeply conditioned and not when it’s dry to avoid breakage.
  • Because kinky hair is dry by nature, nd therefore breaks easily, it needs added moisture, daily. Use oil water and cream to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Don’t use a brush on 4c hair type no matter how hard it is use a comb
  • always section your hair before de-tangling it, this makes the process easier.
  • Always section your hair when trying to comb it.
  • Finger combing while the hair is damp, is one of the best methods of de-tangling. This process alone will lead to much less breakage and will result in hair growth.4c Natural hairstyles

And there you have it super easy Diy natural hair styles you can try out yourself or get your stylists to help you out with. Switch up your looks with any of this hairstyles You can give it a try and let us know how it went Don’t forget to use the comment section to share your thoughts.
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