The Diet Plate Online (Review)

if you are looking to loose some of those extra pounds by controlling your food portions or know anyone who does, I’ve got great news for you. There is a simple way to losing weight, without having to rely on surgery.

I got a rare opportunity to collaborate withThe Diet Plate , to do a review for their product and I was given
an annual membership discount code of £99 amazing right?

So what’s The Diet Plate online ?
The diet plate online like the name implies is an innovative creation that makes food portion control so easy, it makes weight loss so achievable by helping you monitor and control the size of the food you eat.

How does it workThe diet plate online

it is adaptive and dynamic. It’s like having your own personal dietitian. When you register and login to your profile, you will be given a set of questions to answer,
Once you have answered the set up questions, it will deliver a caloric weight loss zone. When you have eaten enough calories to enter that zone – it turns green. The object is to keep in the green zone each day.

The Diet  Plate  online is also really dynamic because it makes you know what amount of protein, Carbohydrates, fat, vitamin and minerals are in the food you are eating even if it’s a meal you made you made yourself.  Interestingly no food is off the rack as long as you stick with the target given each day.
The diet plate online

If you over eat and the caloric weight loss zone turns red – then you are out of your weight loss zone and in weight maintenance or weight gain zone. However, because the program is dynamic, the following day it will deliver a new “green weight loss zone” in a bid to absorb the excess calories. If you are successful, then the program will reset the red day to a green day and you will remain on target for a 1 kg a week weight loss.

It also shows 2 daisy wheels, 1 for the Recommend daily allowance (RDA) and the other for the collective RDA, these are specific to the questions answered. For instance if you have high blood sugar, then salt should be reduced, therefore you may reach the 100% RDA quicker. The daisy wheels are so informative, they show you where you are eating too much of one type of food and allow you rebalance your diet

If you intend to reach your weight loss goals quickly and easily, it is advisable that you stick with the measurements provided for you.
There are Diet Plates for women, men, children, and it can be used for any kind of food. The Diet Plate Online is a web app, so it works on any internet connected device.

anywhere in the world. yup!!! no more mindless eating. You can register and begin your weight loss journey by clicking here.

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