How to overcome culture shock for a student?

Having chosen a university and packed their suitcases, future students of a foreign university do not always realize that they will face a phenomenon called culture shock. Unfamiliar cuisine, foreign language and surprising traditions different from those in your home country may cause anxiety and confusion.


The process of recognizing and adapting to new things around you is natural and inevitable. It is impossible to avoid these difficulties, but you can make your life easier and eventually broaden your cultural horizons if you follow a few simple tips.


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Ways to ease student life for a foreign student


Focus on the positives

React to the new things around you with curiosity, not prejudices. You will probably miss the customs and familiar surroundings of your home country, but you came to a new country to explore its culture, didn’t you? Focus on things around you that excite and bring you positive emotions: your new friends, the dish you particularly liked, or a park or gallery in your new city. Write down the most interesting, fun or curious situations that happened with you, and expand this list as you explore new things.




Understand academic requirements in advance

The academic system in a new country you’ve arrived in may be different from that at home. Talk to your classmates, college professors, and advisors to clarify everything that is expected of you as a student. What are the deadlines and requirements for your essays and term papers? Is your level of English enough to write a paper by yourself or should you find an editing service so that their editor could edit your document? What are the rules of professional communication? Being aware is the key to being a successful student.




Find professional help with employment

In some countries, including the US and Canada, students are allowed to work for some company. However, to get hired in a country that is yet new to you, it’s best to seek the help of professionals from an online resume service company. A resume writer from such an online writing service can prepare your resume according to the local standards. As a rule, the services of a resume writer are quite cheap and students use them as with a quality resume you will find a job faster.




Be open-minded and willing to learn new things

Classes and lectures are great, but if you immerse yourself into new activities, you’ll adapt faster. Bonding with a foreign student like yourself is great and can bring you emotional support, but make local friends as well. They can help you adjust, explain the cultural differences and tell if you are doing something offensive. Start new activities as well: sign up for aerobics, go to the library, walk in the park, set goals and achieve them (for example, learn 10 new phrases every day).




Realize that adaptation is a long process

Culture shock is a normal reaction to a new environment. But be prepared that it can take weeks or months, depending on your ability to adapt and how different the new culture is from your home culture. You may feel homesick, scared, or anxious. Every foreign student goes through this, and adapting takes time. Stay in touch with home, find support from other foreign students and friends, and remember that once you adapt things will get more exciting.




Try different ways to relieve stress

As we’ve mentioned above, adapting to a new culture is stressful yet inevitable. What you can do is to relieve this pressure and anxiety. Review different stress reduction techniques and methods to find out what works for you. Some students enjoy physical activities such as yoga, aerobics, cycling, and more. Some relieve stress using relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, or calming essential oils. And some students become writers and express their feelings in a journal or blog. By helping your nervous system to get used to the new circumstances you’ll feel comfortable in a new culture and become a successful student.



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