Weddings in Grand Rapids Michigan–Why You Need a Wedding DJ

When the church bells go ding-ding, you know that something real is happening. No, you’re not daydreaming. No, it is no illusion. You are standing there; your eyes fixed on the doorway anxiously waiting for your bride’s entrance.

“Oh,” there she goes.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? Who knew that the day you bumped into each other would eventually lead to such a knee-wobbling sight. Is she an angel? A goddess, perhaps? No, she is the woman you’re about to become one with. She’s the woman you’ll wake up to every morning and close your eyes with at night. She is your future.

And the solemn wedding hymn playing in the background is proof of that.

Dam-dam-da-rum! Dam-dam-da-rum! It’s a merry occasion! But do you know what can make things merrier? Some kick-ass tunes during the wedding reception that’s what! The wedding ceremony is a magical moment, no doubt. It’s a beautiful moment that feels too good to be true. However, don’t forget that you have bigger things to plan. The ceremony may very well last an hour, but the reception will surely be thrice longer than that! And, it’s just as important. So, plan every second right. On that note, learn wedding planning from one of the best – Martha Stewart – by visiting this website:

When you think of a wedding reception, you think of food, wine, cake, games, and merry dances. It’s a celebration of your very first day becoming husband and wife. Naturally, it will be extra. The food will be a feast. The wine will be bottomless. The cake will be enormous. The games will be hilarious. And the dances, well, they’re going to be a blast – not without some killer beats though!

How Important Is Music in Weddings?

Music choice is an important part of any wedding celebration, especially during the couple’s reception time. The tunes, beats, and hymns you play in the background can determine whether the party turns out to be a complete success – or a total bore. And the key to making all of this happen lies in one person – the Wedding DJ.

To find the perfect DJ for your wedding, you must first understand what makes a Wedding DJ great. Lucky for you, we’ve got all of that sorted out. All that’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax, and listen to a short music lesson.

Here are a couple of things all the best wedding DJs have in common:

  1. The Best DJ Knows How to Strike the Perfect Balance

Weddings should feel romantic yet fun, cheesy yet rock, and endearing yet energetic. Nobody likes boring celebrations. But weddings shouldn’t feel too rowdy either. It’s just not right. The best wedding DJs can make any wedding celebration come to life and still maintain that romantic feeling in the air. They can find that perfect balance and strike it in one go. They can make your celebration groovy yet sweet, mushy yet exciting. It’s a blend of contrasting atmospheres that can wow your guests and make you and your partner have a memorable time as well. Click here to get more music tips!

  1. The Best DJ Is Sensitive to Crowd Feedback

Everyone has a different groove. Some beats just don’t fit with everyone’s taste – and the best wedding DJs know that. And, they accept it. They don’t feel offended or attacked in any way. They won’t insist on their music either. Instead, what they do is adapt; they try to find what the crowd wants, and they give it to them full blast. As a DJ, know that the world is made up of different personalities which is also why there are also so many genres of music to complement each one. They have the ability to go above their own ego and bring people the kind of music they want despite your own preferences. And if you’re that DJ (or if you’ve found that DJ), then the wedding will be absolutely perfect.   

  1. The Best DJ Makes the Occasion Special for You

Next, the best wedding DJs don’t go into battle unprepared. They do their research; find out which tunes are special or hold significance to the newlyweds’ journey in life and love. They’re not your usual club junkies. By trying to grasp the music personalities of the bride and groom, the best DJs can create something magical – something of value for the couple. Doing this also helps fill the atmosphere with lots and lots of love, smothering the occasion with overflowing affection.

  1. The Best DJ Knows How to Rile Up the Crowd   

Finally, the best DJs are charismatic ones. I don’t know if its natural talent or skill, but there’s a huge difference between choosing a DJ that can play and choosing a DJ that can make people feel. The perfect wedding DJ can easily break the ice in any wedding celebration. Their presence is strong enough to gather or redirect the attention of the crowd onto themselves and urge them to take part in the festivities. A charismatic DJ can make any party feel twice as fun and memorable. They actively entice the audience, making the night unforgettable for the hosts and guests alike.

More than just food, music is a pretty big factor in any celebration – not just weddings. So, make sure you pick the very best one!



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