5 Effective tips on how to manage your time better

Are you trying hard to figure out how to manage time and get more work done? These effective tips on how to manage your time better will help you create great time management strategies.


Most times, no matter how hard we try, we always get caught up in the web of lateness, procrastination, and poor time management. No matter how we try to work on our level of personal development, we cannot neglect the role of effective timing.


As we grow up and keep advancing in our careers, it begins to seem like twenty-four hours are not enough to get things done. It becomes clearer that the faster we develop effective time management strategies, the better our workflow becomes.

To help you put your life back in order, here are five effective tips on how to manage your time better.



Five Effective Tips on how to manage your time better

1.      Team Delegation

One of the major mistakes a lot of people make is trying to do everything by themselves. You might not have enough time to finish up the required tasks. Instead of getting choked up with time, you can recruit and train your team to a high level of proficiency and outsource some duties to them.



2.      Focus instead of multi-tasking

A lot of times, in the bid to rush work, we open multiple job tabs without finishing one. You will end up consuming much more time while multitasking on different jobs than you will do while handling a single task. Focus helps you launch all your concentration on specific tasks without getting easily distracted.



3.      Create a to-do list for your daily activities

Proper planning usually prevents poor performance. A functional to-do list is one of the effective time management strategies I discovered. It helps you set daily goals and what you wish to achieve each day.

You can go on to attach a time limit for each task. The goal is to make sure that you don’t abandon any task while making sure that you stick to the correct time allocated for each task.



4.      Make your plans flexible

A rigid time management strategy is rarely effective. You make amends to your routine to accommodate certain changes. You might have in your schedule to get to work as early as 7 am, only to experience a heavy storm. This will affect the time you will start your day, as well as other activities.

Instead of insisting on having your day go exactly as you planned, you can push back some minor tasks to avoid wasting the time waiting for sunny weather.




5.      Plan each day before you sleep

Waking up each day without a plan will not limit your level of focus, but will also affect your clear plans for the day.

Before you sleep, create a virtual picture of what you want the next day to look like. Jot down your plans to avoid forgetting them. This will give a favorable edge to start your day on the right foot.




An effective time management strategy helps you to do more and achieve greater value. This helps you achieve a fulfilling day. However, the process of creating a time management strategy might differ for different people. The activity of a student will also be different from those of a worker.

You must understand how your life moves, and create a strategy to effectively handle the flow. 

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