5 Ways To Donate Effectively

Helping somebody is not as easy as it looks. We rarely give money away as much as we make it and charitable giving has not reached its full potential yet. Individuals are gaining an understanding on how to make an impact and have started making intelligent decisions with regard to charity. Here are a few ways you can donate effectively for a cause you care about.


Measure the impact

Start by measuring the impact of your contribution because there are a number of organizations which act as bridges between the donors and beneficiaries. There are genuine organizations like MERS Goodwill which work for those in need and they try their best to reach out as far as they can.


 Find an issue

If you really want to give efficiently, you need to look for a cause or an organization so that you can find where you want your money to go. There are many organizations which pay rigorous attention to their cause and you only need to find one cause to support. It could be anything you feel strongly about. Once you have identified the cause and found an organization to support, take this decision as seriously as you can.


  Narrow your giving

This will be beneficial to you and to the organization you plan to support. It is better to support a few organizations than to give a little amount to every organization you come across. Supporting five is easier and more practical than supporting 75. When you support only a few organizations, you can put more money and ensure it goes further. You will also be able to build long term relationships with the organizations.


Look for an impact

Before you sign the documents and give your money to charity, gain information about the number of people it will have an impact on. How many people does the charity support? How long have they been working for this cause? Ask as many questions as you need before you make the donation. There are many organizations which will not have anything to show because that is all they have to offer.

 Get involved before you write a check

Consider all the skills you have and how you can put them to good use. Volunteering can help you get involved with the organization and you will be able to learn exactly how they work. There are a number of opportunities for you to consider. You might be able to find a group of people who are already supporting this cause and it will make a huge difference to the organization.


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These are a few powerful ways to make a difference to the organization you plan to support. Try to include your friends and family into the group and donate for the right cause. You will receive a benefit from taxation but remember that you are donating for a larger cause and you need to work towards the cause for the long term.


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