The 7 Most Expensive Celeb Engagement Rings of All Time

There have been some amazing diamond ring creations that were commissioned by men to present to celebrities, with huge diamonds set in stunning arrangements, with no expense spared. If you are interested to see who gave what to who, here is our list of the all-time best engagement rings that have been given to the famous.

Clocking in as the most expensive diamond engagement ring ever, the huge 35-carat stone ring was presented to singer Mariah Carey by her then fiancée James Packer, who reportedly paid a staggering $10m for the ring. Mariah wore the ring, even after the couple split and it is believed she sold it to a Hollywood jeweller for an undisclosed amount.

Elizabeth Taylor had several whirlwind romances with Richard Burton and was actually married a total of 8 times and the engagement ring that her beau Richard acquired had a staggering 33-carat diamond, which he bought for an undisclosed price. The ring was later auctioned off for a staggering $8m in 2011, according to Forbes magazine.


Beyoncé has always been a girl that likes to be centre stage and when her boyfriend, Jay Z proposed, he slipped on her finger an emerald-cut diamond ring that weighed in at 24-carats, which was said to have cost a cool $5m. While you might not wish to spend that much on an engagement ring, there are some stunning examples to be found at, who are one of the leading diamond jewellers in Australia.


Of course, this list would not be complete without a mention for Kim Kardashian, the socialite of fashion and all things cool who was presented with a gorgeous diamond ring by her fiancée Kayne West with a stone that weighed in at 15-carats and cost a whopping $4m. Sadly, the ring was part of the haul that thieves got away with in a Paris robbery in 2016.


Jennifer Lopez, as you would expect, is also in our list of recipients of the most stunning engagement rings, when her the husband to be gave her a classic blue diamond ring of 8.5 carats worth a reported $4m, and if that wasn’t enough, J-Lo also received a 6-carat pink diamond from Ben Affleck in 2002.


Blake Lively is married to the heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, who presented her with a stunning 7-carat pink oval diamond set in pavé diamonds and rose gold, which symbolises their seemingly perfect relationship.


No huge diamond list would be complete without the hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who sported a ring that housed a 20-carat diamond that was given to her by Chris Zylka in 2018, which she reportedly lost in a nightclub. There’s more, as Paris received a 24-carat diamond ring from Paris Latsis in 2005, which she later auctioned off and gave the proceedings to Hurricane Katrina victims.


As you can see, some rich men have pulled out all the stops to present their love with a ring to be remembered forever. If you would like to have a diamond ring created for your fiancée, search online for a custom jeweller, and don’t worry – they have diamonds to suit every budget!

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