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3 Things you must check before moving into a new house!

Are you planning on moving into a new house? Making a huge change like that could be a little daunting, it comes with a lot of financial cost and emotional strain. However, if you take your time, hire the right local removalists, make proper enquires and ensure that everything is in place, you would have fewer problems to deal with in the future.

Do you have a checklist of things your new house must have? If you don’t; you should. There are quite a number of things that need to be in place before you take the plunge.

Your house should be your safe haven, a nice and convenient space where you find solace, after a long day at work. so, when deciding on the house to move into, take your time and make sure that everything is in place to make it as comfortable and as safe as possible.

household issues like electrical and plumbing problems can cost you more money in the long run, so it’s super important not to leave any stone unturned.
to help you out, here are a few things you need to check before moving in.

1. The plumbing: before moving into a new house check the pipes for cracks and leaks. Plumbing is not a subject matter that most people have knowledge in and It is also not the most interesting or entertaining subject, but knowing the state of the plumbing work done in a house is super important. Ensure to check that the drainage is working properly and there are no clogs, Check the sink and toilet to find out if the valves need to be changed or tightened, check the water meter and the pipes, you would probably need to change the toilet seats as well. According to plumber Townsville it sure can be useful to know some things like how to unclog your toilet, or change the valve on your sink. If you have some spare time, and you notice a minor bug, with their advice, you can deal with it.

Change the locks: give yourself and your family peace of mind!! When you’re moving into a new house treat security issues as top priority because your safety is extremely important. you cannot afford to ignore the locks. Are they in need of repairs? Do they need to be upgraded and changed completely. You do not want to ever experience the horror of having your house burgled or robbed. As a matter of fact it is essential that you change the locks of your new house before moving in.

Check the cabinets and closets: if you are moving into a new house, chances are there might be a number of maintenance issues to tackle, this would be both inside and within the environment of your new house. Getting these issues out of the way is super important. The closets would most likely be in need of thorough cleaning and in some cases repair. This also goes for the cabinets, before you put your dishware where they belong within the cabinet, check it and clean it up very well.


What do you lookout for when moving into a new house? I would love to know your thoughts

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