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Interesting facts about the driving habits of new parents

If you are a parent, whether a new parent who has just had a baby or an older parent, this post is something that should interest you!

In a recent research carried out by All car leasing, some interesting things were discovered about the driving habits of most parents, this includes both new parents and parents who have had kids for quite some time. This research covers both the reason why most new parents purchase a new car and the safety concerns of most parents, amongst other things.

Based on this research, it can be said that 2 out of 3 parents who have just had a new baby would buy a car. This purchase may be done before, during or after the baby is born. Despite it being considered a luxury, most parents would go out of their way to purchase a new car, This is because of the convenience that having a new car provides. Purchasing a new car is really important to a new family, it is amazing to see that most new parents also drive basically because it is a powerful tool to soothe a baby and not necessarily because they have to go somewhere.

Secondly, shopping is the most common reason why most parents drive with their baby in the car.

In addition to the aforementioned findings, here are some other key findings done by baby driver.

Key findings about the driving habits of new parents

37% of parents have had a crash while a baby was in the car.


The biggest worry for new mums on the road is getting lost


Young parents will drive more but are less confident about driving


42% of all parents have driven with a baby for no other reason other than to soothe them.


Other drivers are the biggest fear on the road for parents


Scottish parents are more likely to sign to a child with northern parents more likely to use music on a journey.


First-time parents need more time than repeat parents to get back on the road


Reliability and safety most desirable feature of a new car


First time parents (31%) favor reliability, second time parents do not (7%)


Safety is important for all parents regardless of demographics.

Babies are precious, so it is quite normal for new parents to have some major worries and safety concerns when driving with the baby in the car. Here are some of the major driving worries of new parents.

Driving worries

  • Other drivers are the biggest worry of driving parents.


  • Women are twice more likely as men to be worried about getting lost


  • Older drivers were a lot less worried about driving with a baby in the car


  • Drivers from central or north UK most worried about other drivers whereas drivers from the south were most worried about their own ability.

These and more are some of the facts and findings that were discovered by baby driver, these finding should serve as guides. The aim of this research, is to help parents better understand their driving habits. You can find more information on this research here.

Below is a detailed infographic that explains the driving habits of parents. 

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