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These Brilliant YouTube Sleep Meditation Videos Can Help You Sleep Better

Are you having trouble sleeping at night, and are you looking for aids to help you sleep better at night? Sleep Meditation Videos are quite on trend, and they have been known to help a lot of people sleep better.


Some people need absolute silence to be able to sleep. Any slightest form of noise can wake them up, while some need some form of noise to make them sleep. These noises range from soft, slow music, soft instrumental, nature sound, animal sound, white noise, calming noises, and so on.


Sleeping noise machines are now abundant on the market, but not all of them are budget-friendly. Regardless of whatever side of the divide you fall under, here are some helpful tips. 

So below are some brilliant YouTube sleep meditation videos to help you sleep better.


  1. Sleep Meditation on Music

Sleep meditation music

Research has shown that classical music or slow music is more relaxing than other genres of music. As such it is the best to put you to sleep. Classic or slow music helps in slowing down your pulse and decreasing your levels of stress hormones which put you in the best state of mind to sleep off. In addition, it lowers your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. It disseminates a soothing effect that eases your anxiety, trouble thoughts, and worries. So music aids you both physically and psychologically.

Check out this YouTube Sleep Mediation music video.



  1. Christian Sleep Meditation YouTube Videos

Beyond what we know as the usefulness of mediation, it does far more than that. In Christendom, mediation is highly advised in helping you come to understand the words of truth. Beyond that, Christian sleep mediation enables you to free yourself of stress, calm your soul, and transcend your spirit beyond the natural world, which makes you sleep better.

Below are some of the best Christian sleep meditation YouTube videos.Sleep meditation music


Additionally, there is the Abide bible and sleep meditation app. You can download it on your Apple and Android phone. The app offers calming bible stories, peaceful water, and soft Christian music to help you sleep better.



  1. Healing Sleep Meditation 

Can you heal when you sleep? How do you heal when you sleep? These are the most frequent questions folks who seek healing while asleep ask. To answer these questions, yes, you can heal when your sleep. Sleep goes beyond shutting down your body to allow you rest, and it gives prime time to your body to restore and repair vital functions. Surprisingly, proper sleep is recommended after surgery and taking medications.

Check out these YouTube videos on healing sleep meditation.



  1. Guided Sleep Meditation YouTube 

Research has shown that regular practice of guided sleep mediation improves sleep. It is an important technique to enjoy better sleep and reduce sleep-related problems.

Guided sleep mediation entails the practice of moving your focus away from your thoughts to feel the sensation in your body. Guided sleep mediation is one of the best strategies to overcome insomnia.

Below are some of the best Guided sleep mediation YouTube Videos

In addition to the above-guided sleep mediation YouTube videos, you can try out the Calm App. This app is the no.1 app for guided sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Top world-renowned therapists, mental health experts, and psychologists recommend the app.



  1. YouTube Sleep Mediation 

YouTube is packed with lost of sleep mediation channels. Below are some of the best YouTube sleep mediation channels that  I suggest you try out.

This channel is packed with videos over eight hours long, containing all forms of sounds to make you sleep better and faster.

The most frequently used sounds include falling rain and thunderstorms. There are also the ones that feature wildlife sounds. In addition to the sound, the video comes with beautiful images, such as a waterfall, castle, or natural attractions like beautiful mountains, seas, gardens, and so on. The goal of this channel is to appeal to both the auditory and visual senses to make you sleep.

New Bliss is one of the best YouTube sleep mediation channels that offers a lovely cozy aesthetic that creates a conducive environment for you to sleep. Usually, the videos come in two, three, or eight hours long, and you get to enjoy sounds like fireplace crackles, rainfall, thunder, and various water sounds.

Apart from the nature sounds, you get to enjoy soft instrumental sounds like that of the flutes, pianos, and jazz music.

New Bliss offers two 24/7 live streams that you can connect to and enjoy at any time.

This is another YouTube sleep meditation channel that features water-based sounds, such as brooks, rivers, waterfalls, and so on.

You can also get some videos featuring wind sounds, including that of the fire. You get videos featuring animal sounds. So basically, you get any type of nature sound you want on this channel.

The videos vary in length, some are four hours long, and some extend to eight or ten hours. So you have the liberty to choose any video of any length you want.  

As the name depicts, this YouTube sleeps meditation channel of relaxing sounds. The relaxing sounds range from that snowfall with the wind to forest rain, crunching snow, waves, mountain streams, and so on.

The videos come in different lengths. Some are thirty minutes, some an hour, two hours, and some span even eight to ten hours.

In addition to the relaxing sounds, it uses excellent imaging, ranging from that beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and eye-catching nature beauties.




When you check these videos and feel connected to any of the channels, I will advise you to subscribe to them to be constantly updated with their latest videos. 

Sleep is essential to better living; you should make having a good sleep a priority.

Sleep meditation music


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