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10 Easy Pinterest Journaling Ideas You Need To Try Out

A Journal is one of the best things you can ever have. Apart from the fact that it helps you empty your thoughts into writing, it also gives you fresh insights that can transform your life.



I will show you 10 easy Pinterest journaling ideas that you need to try out. I’ve used some of the ideas in my life, and they have helped me to achieve my goals, go through tough times, foster my creative prowess, and maintain my sanity.



10 Easy Pinterest Journaling Ideas You Need to Try Out. 


Journaling the things you are grateful for

There are a lot of things you should be grateful for. They include family, friends, good health, the ability to eat and perform normal human activities, your career, and so many more.

Most times, you allow negative thoughts to get into you, which will make you forget the sweetness of life and that which is available to you. This journal helps you go through tough times in life and maintain your sanity.

I will recommend you do this journaling first thing in the morning. This genuine gratitude sets off a domino effect of optimism for the rest of the day, which greatly influences how you relate to people, work, and your duty. 



Journaling about your goals 

This is one of my best Pinterest journaling ideas. Every morning, I wake up and check my journal to see how far i have gone in terms of my goals. To be a wholesome person, your goals must cover the six aspects of your career, which are:

  • Personal development
  • Health/fitness
  • Spiritual goal
  • Intellectual goal
  • Career goal
  • Mental development goal

Journaling about your daily goals gives out this magical power that conditions your mind to be more functional and optimistic. It gives you the reason to face each day knowing that you are on a journey to fullness. Also, it helps keep you on track towards achieving life’s purpose



Journaling about your daily activities 

Journaling about your daily activities entails writing about your day-to-day: what you did, who you saw, the problem you encountered, and your daily success. It helps you to keep track of your life. You won’t stress when trying to write an autobiography later in life.

Having a Pinterest journal on your daily activities helps you during personal reflection and restoration periods.




Journaling for Stress

This is among my three best journaling ideas. Most times, we get back home stressed. We are bombarded with a lot of stuff, and we get overwhelmed, and this begins to show in our facial expressions, voice, and body movement. In my experience, I’ve found that journaling for stress has this therapeutic effect that frees my mind and pours it out on the journal.

Most times, when your begin writing, you may find yourself just scribbling out a bunch of incoherent run-on sentences, and after a while, your emotions stabilize, and your hands become less stiff and free.


Journaling for problem-solving 

In life, there are two things that we must face – challenges and opportunities. These challenges usually come in the form of problems that need to be solved. It could be insufficient finance, Inability to get a college degree,  Wanting to move into a bigger house, Wanting to get married, looking for a better job, and so on.

This is a great journaling idea because the human brain tends to enlarge problems, making them appear bigger than they are in reality. But when we write our problems down in a Pinterest Journal, we minimize them.

I’m not saying that the problems will go away magical, but it helps you see that the problem isn’t as terrible or enormous as you seem and can be solved.




Journaling about your single daily successes 

At the end of the day, right before retiring to bed, you can grab your journal and write down the single best thing that happened to you today. It should be one thing, not more than one. The magical effect of this is that it helps to shift your focus onto something positive, and trust me, it is better to sleep with a positive mind than a negative one.



Journaling for trip experiences

 Are you a traveler or a social media influencer? This is one of the best Pinterest journal ideas you can implement. It is essential to keep track of your work experience, as it can help you build a documentary that you can sell off to make money.




Journaling for your relationship

It is essential that you keep a Pinterest journal on your relationship experience. Special dates about your relationship like anniversaries, engagement dates, and exceptional vacation experiences should be documented. This helps you keep track of your relationship, downtimes, and fun times. During troubling times in the relationship, you can refer back to the journal to understand better what caused the issue. Also, it can serve as a reminder of how your love grew over the years, which will help you celebrate your spouse the more.



Journaling for an unforgettable life experience 

We often encounter life experiences that shape our lives, changing our attitudes, behavior, and even lifestyle. Some of the experiences are life-changing. For example, divorce or surviving a life-threatening disease, such as cancer. Journaling this experience down helps you keep track of lessons learned, mistakes made, and recovery action points. This is very useful for personal reflections. Apart from using it for personal reflection, you can use it as a premise for encouraging others going through these the same thing.



Journaling your educational experience 

This is very important for students who want to keep track of their educational successes, failures, mistakes, and school life. Most times, you can get overwhelmed about school life that you want to release yourself, and journaling about is one of the best ways to release yourself and ponder more productively on it.



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