7 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Life!

Your life is a reflection of the decisions, habits and lifestyle choices you make everyday. No matter what you do, the quality of your life will never exceed the quality of your thoughts and habits.

A lot of people make terrible lifestyle choices and when the attendant consequences of their decisions accrue, they blame it on bad luck or some spirit being.

The truth is, if You pay no attention to what you put in your mouth, there are likely to be adverse consequences on your body, likewise if you don’t give time to acquiring knowledge you’ll be mentally bankrupt!

Life is a summation of your habits and your decisions.

Here are some habits that might be sabotaging your life!


1. Excessive drinking

Alcoholism is a habit that a lot of people struggle with, sadly this is one sure way to ruin your life. Most excessive drinkers always end up poor, confused and alone.
Don’t waste your life sitting and drinking in the pub. Do whatever you can to avoid Excessive drinking and Alcoholism.


2. Toxic relationships

Many stay in unhappy abusive relationships for fear of being alone. This is one sure way to waste your life and your time. Spending time with people who do not value you and see your worth is one sure way deplete your self-esteem and ruin your life. Focus on building meaningful healthy relationships, hangout with people who value and respect you. Like the bible says; Spend time with the wise and you’ll be wise.



3. Gratification

if your entire life is centered around fun and gratification, you are wasting your life. Life is not all fun and games, and in order to make something out of your life, you must learn to delay gratification. There is a process to everything and before any prize is won a sacrifice must be made. Most people who end up achieving nothing with their lives are people who do not understand the simple laws of growth and success. The gospel of exploits states that; in order to attain success you must be willing to delay gratification this could mean burning the midnight candle while other are doing parties.



4. Procrastination

If you are a walking-talking  procrastinator, you most likely always have a truck load of pending work hanging over your head all the time. The problem with this bad habit is that it makes you run behind schedule all the time. Procrastinators never meet up with tasks and deadlines, they never successfully achieve their goals because they switch up meaningful tasks with baseless ones. If this sounds like you, practice creative procrastination, try prioritising your goals and endeavour to get the hardest tasks done first.



5. Doubting yourself

Self-doubt can very quickly become a habit and a lifestyle, if you let it. Don’t spend your lifetime feeling inadequate and bothering about what people think about you. The truth is you can’t please everyone and if you spend your time bothering about what people think, you’ll never be able to use your gifts and talents and you’ll never find expression in the world. We all make mistakes because we are all imperfect but if you’re healthy minded you’ll  own your life and work on your weaknesses. Not everyone will like you, you will upset some people, and you sure can’t please everyone. Those that are meant to be in your life, will be in your life.
Quit living your life judging yourself, instead work hard to get better everyday.


Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.


  • Dominique

    These are good tips. Each of these habits can prevent you from living your best life. And each of them — like procrastination — requires work every day to do better!

  • Marysa

    These are all great tips. I wish more people realized that toxic relationships waste your life! Things are so much better when you break ties with people who are toxic.

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