5 Life Hacks That Can Help You Maximize Productivity.

Watching my favorite series on Netflix is easy and surfing the Internet is a breeze, if given the chance I would do these things every day for the rest of my life. unfortunately, these habits don’t help me in any way. They are fun activities, however they don’t add any value to my life, and certainly won’t make any of my dreams come true.


A lot of the things we want in life require a lot of work and that’s why we tend to put them off until much later. Reading isn’t necessarily fun, neither is learning a new skill but these things are super important if we want to achieve our goals and stay on top of the game.

 Beat procrastination and maximize productivity


1. Creative procrastination: Since you can’t do everything, you must learn to deliberately put off those tasks that are of low value so that you have enough time to do the few things that count.




2. Create a comfortable workspace: The most productive people take the time to create a work area where they enjoy spending time. This begins with ensuring good internet access as you cannot be productive if your internet connection keeps cutting out. Research satellite internet near me and find a provider that best suits your needs. Once this is sorted, the cleaner and neater you organize your work area before you begin, the easier it will be for you to get started and keep going. When everything is laid out neatly and in sequence, you will feel much more like getting on with the job. It is amazing how many books never get written, how many degrees never get completed, and how many life-changing tasks never get started because people fail to take the first step of preparing everything in advance.




3. First, read in your field for at least one hour every day. Get up a little earlier in the morning and read for thirty to sixty minutes in a book or magazine that contains information that can help you be more effective and productive at what you do. Second, take every course and seminar available on the key skills that can help you. Attend the conventions and business meetings of your profession or occupation. Go to the sessions and workshops. Sit upfront and take notes. Purchase the audio recordings of the programs. Dedicate yourself to becoming one of the most knowledgeable and competent people in your field. Third, listen to audio programs in your car. The average car owner sits behind the wheel 500 to 1,000 hours each year while driving from place to place. Turn driving time into learning time. You can become one of the smartest, most capable, and highest-paid people in your field simply by listening to educational audio programs as you drive from place to place. 

The more you learn and know, the more confident and motivated you to feel. ​The better you become, the more capable you will be of doing even more.

Maximise productivity

4. Develop a personal plan to prepare yourself. To do your most important. tasks in an excellent fashion, focus on those areas where you have special talents, and that you most enjoy. This is the key to unlocking your potential. This means that 80 percent of the constraints, the factors that are holding you back from achieving your goals, are internal. They are within yourself— within your personal qualities, abilities, habits, disciplines, or competencies. Or they are contained within your own company or organization. Only 20 percent of the limiting factors are external to you or your organization. Only 20 percent are on the outside in the form of competition, markets, governments, or other organizations.



5. Once You Get Going, Keep Going. once you begin, you keep working at the task without diversion or distraction until the job is 100 percent complete. You keep urging yourself onward by repeating the words “Back to work!” over and over whenever you are tempted to stop or do something else. By concentrating single-mindedly on your most important task, you can reduce the time required to complete it by 50 percent or more. It has been estimated that the tendency to start and stop a task—to pick it up, put it down, and come back to it—can increase the time necessary to complete the task by as much as 500 percent. Each time you return to the task, you have to familiarize yourself with where you were when you stopped and what you still have to do. You have to overcome inertia and get yourself going again. You have to develop momentum and get into a productive work rhythm.


I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comment section.

excerpts from Brian Tracy’s Eat your frog.

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