9 Ways To Take Massive Actions

9 Ways To Take Massive Action

There is a saying that states that “it is easier said than done.” You might have a big plan, but if it isn’t translated into actions, it remains just a dream. One of the secrets of the wealthy and successful is that they are action-takers; they dream and take action.

We will explore the 9 ways to take massive action as we proceed into the article.

9 Ways To Take Massive Action

9 Ways To Take Massive Actions


Here are 9 ways to take massive actions to produce successful results.

1. Understand Your Purpose

Understanding your purpose is the first step to taking massive actions. You must know the “Big Why,” which is your purpose.

For instance, staying healthy and fit for your family might be the purpose for your losing wealth.

Once you have identified your purpose, write it down and paste it around the house for a constant reminder.

 2. Set Your Goals

After identifying your purpose, the next step is to set your goal. Your goal must align and design to fulfill your purpose. Your goal should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound. If it isn’t SMART, then it might be hard to achieve it.

3. Break Your Goals Down into Daily Tasks

Once you have set your goal, the next is to break it down into daily tasks. People don’t lose 100 pounds in a day. Break into down into achievable daily tasks. For instance, it can be running 30 minutes daily and avoiding junk.

4. Identify and Prepare for Predictable and Unpredictable Challenges

One of the ways to take massive actions is to identify and prepare for challenges. No plan ever runs smoothly. Challenges and hurdles are bound to happen. Your preparation will influence how you will react to challenges, which in turn, determine whether you will keep moving or not.

For example, if you set a goal to have an extra income stream. You should prepare for challenges that may arise. Outline the predictable ones and open up your minds to any unpredictable challenges that may arise.

5. Identify and Cut Out Unnecessary/Less Prioritized Tasks

After identifying the possible challenges, the next is to identify unnecessary tasks that may interfere with your action-carrying processes. For instance, if you have a goal of building a new business, social activities such as clubbing, attending movie shows, and concerts should be cut off.

Although they are good for your social life, they are unnecessary at the moment. You can use the time to attend seminars where you will meet and connect with people in the business that you want to go in.

9 Ways To Take Massive Actions

 6. Create An Action Plan

You can’t take massive actions without an effective action plan. The Tony Robbins Massive Action Plan offers the perfect model to help you achieve success.

Click here to access Tony Robbins’ plan template. This template basically answers three simple questions:

  • What are the outcomes you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve these outcomes?
  • What actions do you need to take to make this happen?

7. Assess Your Progress

Continuity is essential in achieving success. Your actions cannot be massive if you do not asses your progress periodically.

This entails evaluating your progress toward your action plan, goals, and purpose. This helps you to determine your strengths and weaknesses and where to put in more energy, and areas you should relax. If you have a mentor or an accountability partner, they can help in assessing your progress.

8. Reward Your Small Victories

Don’t wait for the whole plan to be achieved before you can celebrate yourself. Learn to celebrate yourself when you attain a milestone. It can be simple as purchasing an ice cream or a pair of nice shoes.

9 Ways To Take Massive Actions

9. Never Procrastinate

Procrastination is known as the killer of time. If you must task massive actions, you must kill any form of procrastination. Do what you are supposed to do at the right time. Never defer a task to another time without valid reasons.



You can never be successful or wealthy if you don’t know how to take massive actions. You can easily translate your dream into a reality when you stick to the above 9 ways to take massive actions.

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