Buying A Pink Diamond Ring – What You Need to know !

Pink diamonds are certainly gaining popularity in the fashion world.

While they are highly coveted and simply stunning, they’re also the rarest and priciest of the coloured diamond family. This can make buying a cushion cut pink diamond extremely daunting.

So, here’s what you need to know before you make that purchase.

Pink Diamonds and Colour CombinationsPink diamond ring

The most valuable of all pink diamonds are the ones with the purest and most intense pinks. But, pink diamonds can also be found with secondary shades, such as grey, brown, purple, and even orange. The most popular of all of these is purplish pink.
However, the range of colours doesn’t stop there. You also have to consider the intensity of the hue when looking at the stone. It might be a fancy deep purplish pink with a sort of faint purplish pink which is actually two different colours and therefore two different values. We have a wide range of pink diamonds available.

The intensity of a pink diamond’s grading scale ranges from Faint to Fancy Deep. When you buy a pink diamond, the exact colour will be described with its intensity, primary colour and secondary colour.

Pink Diamonds for Engagement Rings

We know that colourless diamonds have traditionally been the most popular choice for engagement rings, yet more couples today are opting for pink cushion cut diamonds as a symbol of their love.
And there’s good reason. It’s a classy, feminine colour that exudes beauty and creativity. What’s more, they are scratch-resistant and highly durable, making them ideal for daily wear.

Buying a Pink Diamond Ring

Whether you decide to buy a ring online or in a store, you must make sure you receive the certificate of authenticity from a third party for the ring. Also, always buy your diamond ring from a reputable jewellery that offers good customer service and after-sales support. Don’t forget to check the returns policy.

Cushion cut diamonds are so-called due to the aesthetic appearance of the pink stone. A cushion diamond is one that’s crafted for its utmost weight retention and is great in a micro pave or halo diamond setting for an engagement ring. Since a pink cushion cut diamond usually looks bigger than what is really weighs, it is the perfect choice for those who want a diamond to look bigger but get more for their money.

Cushion cut pink diamonds are simply stunning when used in lavish engagement rings, such as vintage or antique, or even a custom-made engagement ring. Many jewellers like to showcase their expensive and dazzling pink diamond rings with cushion cuts of all sizes.

Overall, cushion cut diamonds are classy and beautiful and paired with a pink diamond, there’s no doubt they are favoured amongst ladies with the highest of styles and tastes. It’s a choice that will ensure her ring is loved and admired for the rest of your lifetimes, and one she is sure to say “yes” to when you finally pop the question!

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