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What Causes Hormonal Imbalance and How to tackle it with Holistic Living?

Many years ago, before the development of science and technology, people greatly depended on the use of natural remedies. These natural remedies were used to heal the body without causing the side effects that are widely known to humankind today. The uses of ingredients growing in the kitchen garden to special herbs were popular to treat a number of illnesses too. Today, allopathic medicines are the first choices when it comes to treating every sickness. Be it a minor cold or life-threatening diseases, the allopathic way of treatments are suggested without a second thought. But are the treatments really worth it?


Undoubtedly, there are several diseases that can and may be treated only with the allopathy approach. However, incorporating a holistic lifestyle in advance works magically to heal the body and keep it at bay from sicknesses, especially lifestyle diseases. When talking about lifestyle diseases especially in women, it is the hormonal imbalance that has hit this section of the gender pretty hard. You will come across every other woman talking about PCOD, sudden headaches, stress and so on. Hence, maintaining an improved lifestyle and accepting the practice of holistic living has been proven to work a great deal.


What Causes Hormonal Imbalance? Holistic living

The cause of a hormonal imbalance can be multiple. However, the causes that make hormonal imbalance a lifestyle disease now can be because of:

Sedentary Lifestyle: Women who maintain a sedentary lifestyle are easy targets. With no movement of the body which is further complemented with food intake and stress can make the situation worse. Therefore, experts highly suggest adding a few minutes of exercise in the daily routine. If not exercise, a quick half an hour run, swimming or at least brisk walking at the park too can be incorporated.



Medication: Those women who are highly involved in the intake of several medications for different health issues too experience hormonal imbalance. The various compositions in one single tablet can lead to certain side effects. One of the many side effects can be this imbalance which further causes other health concerns.



Food Habit: The food choices of an individual create a huge impact in maintaining the overall health of the body. The experts at highly recommend adding herbs to a diet as well. Indulging only in junk foods that are high in fat content leads to serious health concerns. Whereas, balancing the different meals of a day by adding greens, vegetables, protein and so on does just the opposite.


Serious cases of hormonal imbalance can further lead a woman to experience anxieties and panic attacks among other such issues. There are medicines available to tackle the same, but can further cause other health concerns. Hence, going for the natural methods to heal the body will offer better results. Apart from consuming only natural ingredients, you can enjoy treatments such as acupuncture, weekly detoxification, massages and acupressure among many.


Remember, having a positive approach to anything you do also results in a much effective outcome. It combines the mind and the body together, hence keeping you calm and focused.

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