How have you been keeping fit in 2020?

The year 2020 has been quite an eventful year, if we were to do a rundown of some of the uncanny events that have occurred we would run out of time. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster. As the year gradually winds down, we can only pray and hope that it ends on a peaceful and blissful note, with no dramas and no more unpleasant surprises.


So back to my question, how have you been keeping fit, with all that has happened especially with the incessant spread of the coronavirus and the lockdown, keeping fit has been one of the hardest things to do. Isn’t Fitness the last thing on most people’s minds?

To be honest, keeping fit hasn’t been easy for me, I have had to be extremely intentional about getting my exercises going. Thankfully, some items have helped to make this job a lot easier and I would be sharing some of these with you. 


Fitness wears that help you stay in shape 



High waist shaping shorts: one of the most important parts of a woman’s body, is her midsection, this is why a lot of ladies devote a lot of time and energy to making sure that this part stays fit and healthy. A great waist makes dressing up and looking good, a walk in the park. high waist shaping shorts are a good addition to your already existing fitness toolkit. The good thing about the waist shaper is that it’s made with great fabric, it’s super comfy easily adjustable, and cute. 

it was designed to reduce abdominal pressure and fit the waist curve. Lucky for you there’s a special offer on this product FeelinGirl best black Friday sales 2020 is underway, and a lot of great fitness tools are on offer with huge discounts. You should check it out. 




Slimming bodysuit: This piece is an all-time favorite, with this slimming bodysuit my workouts don’t feel so cumbersome anymore, it can also be worn on a day by day basis underneath your regular clothes and even for special occasions. The slimming bodysuit has tummy control underwear that can help you get the charming body of your dreams. It also comes with detachable straps that make it easy to take off. Finally, it has a zippered crotch that makes going to the toilet super convenient. In my opinion, these two fitness items are great additions to any lady’s wardrobe and fitness kit.

Once again have you been keeping fit? Kindly use the comment section to share your progress amidst the chaos and challenges of the year.


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  • Nicole

    This year has definitely proven to be challenging as far as staying fit goes. Having to abide by lockdowns has meant so many people have had to adapt to completing 100% of their exercising indoors. At least if that has to be the case, we might as well do so wearing appropriate clothes that will feel, look good, and be comfortable. The selections you have shared here all seem to do that so well.

  • Maritime Meg

    These body suites actually look really comfortable! I will need to look into these more as I definitely haven’t stayed on top of my diet and exercising during the pandemic as much as I should have – and these might help me boost my confidence to get back into it! Thanks for posting!

  • Mary

    I have actually started going to the gym with my husband once the gym near us opened at lower capacity. The slimming shorts look like a comfortable option since my tummy isn’t gone yet!

  • Merveille

    I have not worked out at all this year. Oh my goodness, what have I been doing to my body! I mean, I used to walk around the neighborhood but even that became discouraging when there is no one outside. You feel like you are walking through a ghost town. However, this post is a wake-up call for me to start working out again. Those waist slimmers look supportive yet comfortable. Thnak you for sharing!

  • Jolie Canoli

    I have done a lot of exercise with youtube videos right in my living room. But recently I’ve been taking walks outdoors- and it’s so refreshing!

  • Seyi

    Nice post.

    I’d always been proud of my slim physique and flat tummy until “suddenly”, 6 weeks into the lockdown, I realized I had shot from 76-78ish to 86kg. And most of this weight was on my tummy and backside, lol, as I remained slim (6′ 2).

    One thing I could quickly point to was the new habit of copiously downing a flask of choco beverage while watching Crime Investigation late into the early morning with the Mrs. I also read that stress, through cortisol, could be a factor.

    I have been able to shed a lot of the tummy as we speak. I stopped taking soda, reduced the choco in quantity and frequency, started HIIT and walking – 8km at times.

  • Renata

    How I’ve been keeping fit? Not at all – and that’s a big problem. Not only did I get a bit bigger, I also don’t feel fit. My problem is that I need motivation from someone else or from an itinerary. When I’m on my own, my sofa is my best friend 😉

  • knycx journeying

    So far it’s going well~! Now we are not allowed to travel around the world, I got more time to stay home and exercise. Thanks for the reminder and it’s important to keep fit in any situations. – knycx journeying

  • Georgina

    This year has been challenging but lately, I have developed a routine and trying to get back to a fitness level that is comfortable. The bodysuits appears comfortable and I might look into this further to help me boost my confidence and shape up while getting my fitness going as well.

  • Rochelle

    I’ve been trying my best to stay healthy during quarantine because as women it’s so easy to slip into binge eating and other unhealthy habits. I’ve been wanting to buy some of these, my main concern has been being comfortable and freely breathing . These seem to do that so gotta check these out, thanks for sharing

  • Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    I wish I’ve been keeping fit… but I’ve completely lost my momentum. I really need some motivation.

  • Marjie Mare

    I must say that I gave up on the good habit for the past few months. Your post gave me the motivation to resume the good habit.

  • Blair Villanueva

    If long walks counts as work out then that’s what I do! I am so lazy in the workout thing, but with proper dressing-up and using these slimming bodysuit, I feel confident!

  • Michele

    We were going to the gym every day, but since our car died we have been walking more and I have been trying at-home workouts.

  • Rebecca

    This is an interesting concept, feels sort of like corsets in the 17th and 18th centuries. I have heard of longterm side effects after too much use.

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