Interesting changes in dating most Elderly people can’t relate to!

in the last couple of years, we have seen so many changes take place in our world! When I look around, I see so many new ideas, new inventions, strange philosophies, unique perspectives and techniques. Some of these changes are needed while some are so weird that we would gladly throw them out of the window without batting an eyelid.

These changes have left nothing untouched they have swept through everything, from the business world and even into the dating scene. Our focus today, is on the changes that have taken place in the dating scene.
So many new ideas, concepts and techniques have crept into the relationship world. This explains why so many older couples who are used to the older dating lifestyle seem to be unable to fit into the new culture.
The changes in dating for the over 40s/50s compared to their childhood notions of dating and relationships is mind-blowing. Most of the Older Dating couples have dating experiences that differ greatly to that of most young adults.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences that exist in the world of dating today, which most of the over 40s/50s are still trying to get acquainted with. Older dating

Hookup culture:
this is one aspect of dating that older couples cannot relate to, in the least. Hookup culture has become so rampant these days and unfortunately, it might not stop any time soon. This system of dating occurs when two people (mostly adults) meet up with each other just for fun, most times these people do not intend to have anything serious, there is no intention to have a long-term relationship, it’s just a one night stand. some even go as far as not really knowing much about each other, so they just hookup and hang out for a day or two, get involved in whatever fun activities they choose and go their separate ways and pretend like nothing ever happened. This wasn’t the way things were handled when it comes to relationship for the older couples.

Dating sites
In the past, dating sites did not exist, older couples do not understand how a person can Meet their potential partner via a dating site or through an app.
It just doesn’t seem to make much sense to them. in the previous years dating sites and dating apps didn’t exist. People only met physically and not virtually. If you wanted to meet someone or are looking to have a meaningful relationship, you would have to go out and meet people, if in the course of interaction between you and others you found anyone worth getting seriously involved with, a relationship could start out from there. Interestingly enough, these days you do not need to go through that rigor in order to meet people, all you need to do is to hop on to a dating site and fill in some bit of information about your self and your preferences and you are provided with people who are believed to be a great match for you! How incredible is that? Older dating lifestyle wasn’t like this and so many oldies find this completely absurd. However, many older couples are beginning to warm up to the idea of dating sites and are becoming more receptive.

Social media:
if you take a trip back in time, you would realize that Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and its likes are relatively new tools which have come into existence as a result of the leaps and bounds recorded in the world of technology. Interestingly, the existence of these social media platforms have influenced the dating experiences and techniques that exist today. Communication happens within seconds, meeting new people has never been easier, this was not so in the past, in the past, if you wanted to communicate with someone you could write a letter or leave a message on their answering machine which took forever to get to the recipient. It is undeniable that so much has changed. Unfortunately, not all these changes are positive, the use of social media channels and platforms in the world of dating has had some positive and negative effects.

Dating activities
there is no denying that so much has changed when it comes to going on dates these days. In the past, real dates like Dinner and a movie in an actual restaurant and theater was what a date meant, in modern times Netflix with a couple of snacks to munch, does the trick. In my opinion all of these ideas are actually great but most older couple are still trying to warm up to the idea, because it does differ from what they are used to.

Are you an older couple, what other differences do you see In the way Younger people date these days? we would love to hear your thoughts.

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