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10 Relaxing Sunday Self-Care Routine for a Productive Week

  1. Having a self-nourishing and relaxing Sunday is key to a productive week. If you do not dedicate some time to self-care on sunday, you will wake up on monday morning feeling all stressed out and frazzled with no scheduled plan for the week.

This is a sure sign that your week will be scattered and non-productive.

What relaxing self-care routine can you follow for a productive week? There are some basic self-care routine to follow, in order to make this possible.

Below are the ten relaxing self-care routines for a productive week.

10 Relaxing Sunday Self-care Routine for a Productive Week

Relaxing Sunday self-care routines

1. Kick start your Sunday morning with a workout session

It can be an indoor skipping session, jogging around the neighborhood, or a spin class. A workout session helps to relax your mind and body, relieves you from the past week’s stress, and boosts your energy for the new week. 

2. Eat Healthily

You might be joggling snacks and processed food during the week, but Sunday is when you must calm down and cook something healthy and nourishing. You need strength and a good state of health to start up the new week. Remember, a healthy diet is essential to good body functioning.


3. Go Outside/Socialize

If you are a Christian, going to church on Sunday is one of the best ways to relax both mind and spirit and acquire spiritual strength for the week. You can also plan a family hangout in a favorite picnic spot. During the week, you may not have the time to connect with your friends and family. So Sunday serves as a great bonding session.


4. Declutter and clean your house

Cleaning your house on Sunday helps prepares you mentally for the week. You don’t have to wake up on Monday in a cluttered house looking dirty and frustrating; it can bring down your mental energy. A clean home is essential for your mental health, not just your bodily health.


5. Do Laundry/take it to a laundry shop

Nothing is more frustrating than waking up on Monday to discover that all your office clothes are dirty. It will drain your energy all at once and is a horrible way to start a week. The dressing has a way it helps our confidence which is essential for productivity.


6. Draft a meal plan for the week

One of the reasons why many folks have to depend on junk and fast food throughout the week is that there was no meal plan planned for the week. Eating healthy is a necessity and can influence your productivity entirely. Use your Sunday to plan your meals. If you have to cook some meals and refrigerate them, do so that you know that you have something in the fridge to take you for the week.


7. Plan Your week

To have a productive week, you must have a concrete plan. Take some time on Sunday to draft out a plan for the week. List out all your activities and allocate time to them. This will help to prevent time wasters from intruding into your plan to mess it up. When you plan well, you manage your time better and become more productive.

Relaxing Sunday self-care routine

8.Take an evening spa-like bath

Baths are one of the most effective ways to relax, and having a spa-like bath in the evening on Sunday is an effective way to prepare for the week. Your mind is calm, your body is relaxed, and it helps to sleep better in preparation for Monday morning. You can do even better by going one step further and looking for a service that offers a professional massage near me. That way, you’ll get the most relaxing experience possible without actually having to do much work!


9. Read a Book

Ensure you read a book or get in touch with helpful information. Reading is essential for your mental stimulation and knowledge expansion which helps you to be more productive. And you may not have the time to do this during the week.

Relaxing Sunday self-care routine

10.Go to Bed Early

Ensure to sleep early on Sunday. Don’t fall into the temptation of wanting to stay awake into the night. If you sleep early, it will help you to wake up early on Monday morning to prepare for work.



Your Sunday activity and preparation greatly determine a productive week. Ensure you become intentional about your Sunday by applying the above-listed routine tips to achieve a productive week.

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