Save Money By Buying Wholesale Diamonds For Jewellery

In many occasions, buying wholesale provides consumers with lots of savings. The same holds true with jewellery, particularly with diamonds. Buying these sparklers in wholesale can help cut costs and add more savings for the thrift shopper.

It is a common misconception that purchasing wholesale diamonds means buying in bulk. This is one reason customers may be uninterested about this purchasing option. Once you get to understand more about this, however, you would come to realise that buying wholesale diamonds is an appealing option.

This may come as a surprise for some but getting wholesale diamonds simply means that a customer purchases diamonds from the same source as the retailer. This, in turn, means that the customer is able to acquire diamonds for less because any mark-up imposed by a middleman is eliminated.

Diamond Retailers vs. Wholesalers

Compared to retail prices, procuring wholesale diamonds can save customers a lot of money. This is because retailers have to impose a large mark up on their diamonds to cover their high expenses, which include overhead costs for employees and store upkeep. So, for retailers, included in their valuation of the average one carat diamond engagement ring are all additional expenses. Logically, the costs of operating a retail diamond store are therefore passed on to the customer.

Those direct importers of diamonds, on the other hand, are able to sell diamonds at wholesale prices. Some dealers of wholesale diamonds create their own jewellery, while others trade their products to retailers. These companies are able to sell the diamonds at wholesale prices, which means the customer also pays less for the diamonds. Since the additional expenses of operating brick-and-mortar retail stores are taken out of the equation, the savings these manufacturers make are passed on to their customers.

Someone who purchases diamonds in bulk and then sells these precious stones to diamond companies is also considered a diamond wholesaler. Because they purchase the goods in bulk, they are able to procure the goods with large discounts and sell them at a more reasonable price.  


Custom Diamond Search

A custom diamond search is another way that customers can also save money purchasing wholesale diamonds. Since the wholesalers as well as the direct manufacturers are able to source large amounts of diamonds, they can also offer custom diamond searches with lesser costs than traditional retailers. Customers simply need to indicate the exact details for the diamond that they want to purchase, specifically the 4Cs of diamond quality. Once they have the customer’s desired diamond, it will be directly imported and sold at its wholesale price, without any additional costs.


Buy From Diamond Wholesalers And Save Money

You will know a trustworthy wholesaler by the prices they set. Specifically, dealers should provide customers with prices that are similar to those indicated in the Rapaport Diamond Report or lower at 10% off from the report’s quoted price, but not too high or too low in comparison. The Rap Report is the international benchmark for diamond prices used by dealers and jewellers in major markets. The prices are average figures, so these are not set in stone but prices that are extremely low for certain diamond qualities should be considered red flags.


If you are buying from a wholesaler, you will be shown a number of loose diamonds that fit your stated requirements. You can inspect these diamonds for blemishes and flaws under a magnifying glass with 10x magnification capacity. Make sure that the diamonds do not have air bubbles and other internal flaws that can decrease its value. Most wholesalers will also be able to craft jewellery out of your chosen diamond, so you can design and create your very own diamond engagement ring at the wholesaler’s office.

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