Tips on How to stay warm after having a cold swim!

Swimming is one outdoor activity that we all love! Little wonder why it’s one of the most popular sports in the world!

Wanna get some cardio done without putting any strain on your body? Take a swim!

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. There are so many incredible health benefits associated with the simple act of taking a dip in the water we don’t even want to get started on that, cos we won’t stop.

Swimming is for everyone, whether you are pregnant,  just put to birth, or an Ironman competitor, swimming can give you a great workout.
It’s one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities you can do.

plus it’s just plain fun!!

However after having an amazing time in the water, getting warm, dry and changed quickly is often a challenge,Especially during the winter months Some people even catch a cold after having a swim.

Here are some simple ways to get warm quickly and avoid catching cold after having a dip in the water!

The dryrobeDry robe

this is my favourite one! One of the best and easiest way to get warm after a cold swim is by using the dryrobe.
This amazing robe was designed by some surfers to bring an end to the challenge of getting warm and dry quickly after swimming.

The dryrobe has been worn by some of the world’s most popular athletes and has also been used for some of the most high-profile events by the worlds biggest & best known brands including Mercedes-Benz & Red Bull, simply because of how convenient and amazing it is.

one of the most important reasons why this robe is loved by most athletes, is because it allows room to change easily, while fully covered and protected from the elements,  so you can get your kit off and back on without over-exposing yourself.

Although it’s just a changing robe, you still have the option of choice and style, who says you can’t look amazing in a changing robe! this robe can come with long or short sleeves, it’s also available in various colours and sizes. It can be used for simply a warm coat on a wet day or for changing outdoors after any activity.

Once you’re all covered up, take some hot beverages. Something warm going down your throat will feel pretty nice, After a cold swim

Use a moisturising oil. When you are feeling cold your skin would feel really dry. Moisturising oil is great because when you massage it on your body it  causes warm friction that will get your blood flowing through your body which will warm you up. Remember to seal in the warmth by moving around.

move around. Walk around, jump a little if you can! (OK, just kidding) but seriously, in order to get the blood around, a little activity like walking around after a swim can help you feel warmer, because blood flow increases to the skin and  heat is released


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