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5 Amazing Handmade Rug design ideas to beautify your workplace

Fixing your office and workplace to an innovative style is not an easy task. You need fascinating rug design ideas to personalize your workplace.

With the advent of Covid-19, a lot of workers have resorted to working from home. This has increased the need to build a home office.

However, it is essential that your office inspires and motivates you to a productive workflow. Having the right rug designs influences your productivity, keeps you focused, and portrays a sense of professionalism.

Investing in your office beauty goes beyond your office paintings and layouts. You need amazing rug design ideas to complement the environment. It is always advisable that you always go for handmade rugs. 

Handmade rugs are designed with a high standard for durability and evergreen quality. Handmade rugs give your office that glorious feel of antiquity. All you have to do is to decide which position of the room that you wish to place the rug in and the type of rug that you wish to use.

Here are five amazing handmade rug designs ideas to beautify your workplace



1.     Handmade Rugs that match the background-color

Handmade Rugs come in different colors and textures. Some inexperienced home designers usually advise that you get some blue or purple rugs. It doesn’t always work that way.

The beginning of choosing the right design idea is analyzing the color of your office. Brown offices can match with a brown rug with a blend of grey colors. Use a color pallet that blends with the environment.


2.     Go Simple

It is an office, not a party floor. Your rug has a way of presenting your level of professionalism and portraying who you are to your clients and visitors. Don’t make your rug choices too complicated. You can choose a dual-colored rug, three colors at maximum are okay. 

Cream colors, shades, bright colors keep your rug choices to a mild style. There are different rug schemes you can choose for your office; Moroccan schemes, Kilims schemes, etc. A minimalist rug design can serve as the best choice for your office.



3.     Your Desk Size matter

The position of your rug should align with your desk size. Professional office rug setting does not have the rugs covering the whole office area. 

However, whether you are using a big size or compact desk for your office, I’ll advise that you position your rug in the center of your rug or the middle of the room. This gives a centralized design.



4.     The Right Rug Size

You wouldn’t want to purchase rugs with irregular designs. The right rug size for your office should be half the size of the entire room. It should be strategically placed to handle at least two legs of your desk.



5.     Your choice and styling should match your personality

This is where individual preference comes in. Everyone has what works for them. Compare your office design and pick a color that represents your style.


Why are handmade rugs good?

1.     Durability

Handmade rugs are carefully crafted without machines and technology. This reduces the speedy race of mass production. 

From the yarns to the kneading, the patterns, and finishing, handmade rugs are fantastic components of durability. They last as long as you can use them, with a longer durability span compared to machine-made rugs

2.     Designed with special care

Handmade rugs are made by highly skilled artisans; this makes them an embodiment of art and care. The lines are specially weaved together and tightly packed to eliminate cases of loose ends. This makes them possess unique properties that are difficult to replicate.

3.     Amazing Texture

One of the reasons why a lot of people prefer handmade rugs is the thick texture that they come with. With different styles and innovation, brilliant colors, the quality of handmade rugs are second to none.

4.     Comfort and Appearance

Handmade Rugs provide a cushioning effect on the feet. The beauty of these rugs is also a sight to behold. You are assured of having some glows in your office as well as insulation for your clients and visitors.

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