Can you start a business with zero capital? Plus 10 best home based business ideas!!


Can you start a business with zero capital? Plus 10 best home based business ideas!!

10 best Home Based jobs without investment

Do you want to start a home based business but have no idea what you can do?

Are you fed up with your daily 9-5 commute?
Hate office politics?

Need extra income to help with the extra month at the end of the money?

Want to have some financial control?
Provide a better life for your family?

If you are thinking about a home based business idea, you are not alone. Working from home can be a lot of fun, especially if you have chosen the right career. It can be a fantastic way to earn a living. All you need is motivation, a willingness to work hard and a desire to be financially successful.
Gerri spiers Created a comprehensive eBook that offers 10 different home based business plans that can be started quickly. The business ideas have minimum start-up costs and are ideal if you are looking for a second income.

All good businesses need an online presence and at the end of this book will be full details of how you can create a good online persona for your business. With any of the business plans in this eBook (and of course detailed preparation) you could build yourself an excellent home business from the comfort of your home.

The book is extremely detailed and covers a wide range of home based business ideas that are low cost and can be started right at the comfort of your home, even if you have no money and no experience.

For all of the ideas listed there are also facts about each business, reasons why you should start each one, key elements you need to get started, a step by step guide on how to establish and smoothly run any of the business that you choose to start.

Home Based jobs without investment


My favorite thing about this book is how detailed it is, the writer did an excellent job of providing all the necessary information and a detailed analysis of what each business entails and requires. In my opinion this book is a must-have for anyone looking to start some home based jobs without investment and is in need of ideas and a safe guide on how to get started. In addition to the book you would also be getting 2 FREE big bonuses that would certainly leave you with no reason whatsoever to fail in business.The book can be gotten from her website for the sum of £27.99
Here are excerpts from the book.

Getting a business off the ground is a lot of work, for many entrepreneurs who decide to take the leap and start out, they soon realize that the pitfalls are many and the customers are few! These reasons and more give so many potential business owners a reason to hold back.

Among the many factors listed as challenges faced by entrepreneurs  the issue of lack of capital seems to be topping the list as one of the biggest setbacks people face when trying to set up a business. There are so many people out there who have groundbreaking business ideas but never ever get the show on the road because of the unavailability of funds, AKA capital. This appears to be the no 1 reason why so many potential business owners are stalling! So we decided to take a survey.

We asked owners of startups and experienced business owners on the possibility of starting a business despite the unavailability of funds.
Is it possible to start a business with zero capital? if yes, how can this be done and if no, what other options are available to the potential business owner who wants to set up a business but has no funds.

Can you start a business with zero capital?Home based business ideas

Claire Roach
In Nov 2016 when I was laid up in bed with a twin pregnancy, I found I had lots of extra time on my hands and that’s when I decided to start up my money saving blog Daily Deals UK.  
I had no money to start up so had to do it with less than £100.  With this I purchased a hosting package, website template and spent a few £££s on bits of help from specialists over on fivver and my blog business was born.
I completely self-taught myself how to design a website and all aspects of affiliate marketing and monetising a blog.
Now don’t get me wrong, even though it cost peanuts to start and is now very lucrative businesses, I spent hours and HOURS a day for the last 3 years perfecting and researching how to be the best at my business.
I always tell people, don’t let money or lack of experience put you off pursuing your dream because if you have the determination you can do anything your heart desires.
Claire Roach
Money Saving Blogger & Owner of Daily Deals UK – The Money Saving Blog with a twist!

Use skills you already have and build as you go!

Victoria Sully
Nowadays it’s possible to start a business with zero capital by using the skills you already have and building up as you go. If you need some capital then be inventive and see where you can make some cash. For example, I used to sell jewellery online and I funded purchasing my first batch of wholesale stock by selling old clothes of mine on eBay. The more I sold, the more stock I purchased. My husband has recently started his own handyman business by listing his business on Google and using the tools he has. The more he makes, the more he will invest in tools and equipment and further advertising opportunities.
Victoria Sully – Money & lifestyle, make money, save money, blogging, work from home

Use your skills! Referrals is everything


yes you can start a business with zero capital.
If you have a skill, for example, you can build a business around it. No capital is needed, all that is needed is to get the message across to people who will be interested in the service.
I know of an Event Planner who started by doing MC at events.
Secondly, Referral is everything. Someone who’s planning a wedding for example will need DJ, MC, cook, halls etc. and may not have the time to find all these one after the other so they always ask for recommendations. This is where past jobs and people whom you have worked with speak for you. But the issue of starting a business without capital, I also have a personal experience.

Sometime in 2018 I had to change my line of business. I was broke so I did a market research. I found a product I believed would sell. Luckily my Facebook ad account was in dollars so I could run ads and pay later. I ran the ads, got some orders. I then borrowed 5k from a friend to buy the products and deliver to the customers. I paid him back on the same week, paid for the ads and also made a handsome profit.

You need to have capital

By anonymous
It’s really not possible, you need to have capital, it could be small,  but it must be present.

There’s nothing you want to start that doesn’t require capital!!

In my honest opinion, I would say no, you can’t start a business without capital, there are lots of forms of capital, we have monetary capital, we have labour capital. Let’s assume you use Clay to mold pot, let’s say you sell those pots to the market, you still need capital because what you are doing is called labour capital. By the time your business begins to expand you need more hands. At the very beginning you still needed labour capital. There’s nothing you want to start that doesn’t require capital, whether it’s a blog, selling bags on Instagram, or opening an Instagram account to sell phones, you still need capital. Even if you decide to go into dropshipping, it doesn’t require you to have a store to sell your items, but it still requires you to have a website. Most people use Shopify, but you still need to pay Shopify some money.
Easy as it may seem, you still need to pay someone to do something.
You virtually need money for any business. Profit is selling price minus cost price, that means, there must be a selling price, before you make a profit in a business.
Starting a business without capital is virtually impossible from my own view. I don’t know about others, I don’t know what they do.

you can start off your car dealer business with no capital!


You help people sell their properties, especially cars.
People change their cars from time to time, once a church member, friend,  neighbor or family wants to sell their cars, you can start off your car dealer business with as little as that one car. *How it works*: take a picture of the car interior, exterior
engine as well, open a jiji and OLX account, and upload the pictures, you can have a fair deal say maybe 100k extra on top, then thats your profit.
You can sell as many cars as you want online and you are on your way to be a big car dealer such as CARS45.
you can as well use the same method for other properties too such as houses, plots of Land,

Use your passion!!Home based business ideas


Yes, I think so.
Well, it started with a plan to combine my three biggest interests into one passion. I loved health, loved writing and loved the internet
I got 8k from my mom and used it to pay a computer student to help me create a blog.
A guy goes to someone with and collects handkerchiefs to sell.
After selling for a while, he gives the owner the money and keeps some profit
He does this until his profit is enough for him to buy handkerchiefs on his own

Create a marketplace

Flink Nigeria
I started with zero capital, but along the line I needed funds.
The thing is, sometimes, you can never get the right time if you keep waiting for the right time in business, (that’s what I think, every other person is entitled to their opinion tho)

My business is about marketing and advertising fashion designers and fashion vendors to customers, I took the privilege of my school time to start because I felt, it will be easier to build a customer base from a place like an institution, where reaching out to people wasn’t really a difficulty.

Although starting Without the capital was difficult but I have been able to make enough money from the business to sustain myself and also move the brand, the deeper you go, the more you need more money to push the brand.

I started with creating the platforms myself and doing the major other works myself, if one has to start without capital, the person must be educated in some of the areas.
For instance, creating a website, labour, customer service,  accountant, manager, CEO, e.t.c

With knowing all these things, you can save cash for the beginning, until when the workload becomes much and you have the finances to employ able hands

Flink Nigeria


Be committed!!


By successbeing
First i would say that it’s not in any way easy but possible, All you need do is to be committed and it requires a lot of patience.
I started my own business “Blogging” few years back casually with Zero capital. It started off with a conversation with a friend of mine, he was telling me of his friend then at school that was into blogging and how he made some real cash from it and that got to me because at that time I had nothing doing but fed my phone with data, all for nothing.

Then and there I opened up a blogspot site and started mine, which later made some real cash for me (smiles) and still doing so till now.. Sold my blog for 100k and started a new one cause i want to take up a bigger challenge which is growing from strength to strength.
It is never easy, starting a business with zero capital but with determination, consistency, patience and of course with the Grace of God you will be successful.

Purchase goods on credit!!

By anonymous:
I will say yes because I have sat down with someone who is well to do today through his business but never borrowed to start up…  All she did was find a person who had what she was interested in selling. She found a way to convince this person to trust her and give her goods on credit. She Sourced for buyers, add a little to the price given and sell. After making sales she  give the agreed amount to the supplier, saves the profit.
She continued this practice, until she could gather a little capital to get directly from manufacturer.



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