Emerging travel destinations for 2018
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5 Emerging Travel Destinations for 2018

Paris, New York or Rome is already a well-known travel destination; however, there are many more places in the world with natural and historical beauty that go unnoticed in light of these more prominent cities. So, let’s do something different this year. The year 2018 brings to light many new, emerging destinations that are worth exploring.


If you like quiet and relaxing beach destinations or the hustle and bustle of cities, then anywhere slightly off-the-grid could be ‘emerging’ to you. Talking about emerging destinations include the places that you need to hit before it becomes overrun with snap-happy tourists.



So which place are you going to explore this year? Confused? Let me help you! If you are looking for a memorable vacation location to add into your travel bucket list, then I have got a list of some fantastic emerging destinations of 2018. Make this year full of adventures and excursions without getting out of your budget and don’t forget to use discount coupons for traveling and accommodation. Also, if you are a frequent tourist, it would be great to find out about  fractional jet ownership cost, this could also help cut down travel costs.



Cuba Emerging travel destinationsThe Caribbean island nation of Cuba is known as the “Country of Mystery.” The State has aesthetic beauty and traditional intensity, making it one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists and number one on my checklist.


You can stay up all night at the Malecon or visit the University of Havana; enjoy the live music everywhere you go and eat delicious foods on the streets, or wander in Vedado to admire the architecture. The state has a lot more exciting places to discover like the 16th-century fortress, El Morro. It is an excellent vantage point from where you can catch Instagram-worthy Atlantic sunsets. You can also hike on the apex of the island of Pico Turquino, hit the beach of Varadero, and explore the islands: Isle of youth, Maria La Gorda, etc. and a lot more. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this mind-numbing travel destination in all its glory.



Mongolia Emerging travel destinations

Mongolia is appropriately known as “The Land of Eternal Blue sky” with over 250 sunny days per year. It is the least populated country in the world, which makes traveling there, feel like an authentic off-the-beaten-path experience.
Mongolia, an adventure lover’s paradise, offers immaculate landscapes that extend as far as your eye can see, a perfect destination for trekking mountains, horse riding, and camping. Half of the country’s population still keeps up the nomadic lifestyle; traveling and setting up their gears wherever they stop. So, if you want to experience Mongolia at its most legitimate, make sure to get there sooner than later.



New Zealand Emerging travel destinations for 2018

New Zealand is the geographically powerful island country in the Pacific with a combination of exquisite landscapes and pure cultures. From unique wildlife, cultural and culinary experiences to outdoor adventure; this country lives up to its reputation. You have a lot of places to visit in the North Islands and south islands. See the geothermal wonders, volcanoes, national parks and Marae to observe Maori culture (kapa haka, which includes singing, rhythmic dancing, and war dances). From bungee jumping and skydiving to canoeing and cave-exploring, New Zealand is stocked up with many activities. Don’t miss the Skywalk activity if you ever visit New Zealand. The state is full of adventure activities, select the ones you like.



Belgrade, Serbia 

Belgrade is the new emerging Berlin and has re-emerged as a Balkan city, famous for its wild nightlife and a booming art and design scene. Head to the Savamala district to discover the newest galleries, the Belgrade Design District for shopping or the Drina gallery in the city center, Macura, a cube-shaped museum on the city’s outskirts, and the Zepter Museum, a private art space. You will remember this city for its long and resilient history forever.




Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar 

Mostar has been raised and reborn from the ashes in the past decade is now an emerging destination for the travelers. There are many lively and beautiful destinations for an excursion. Walk alongside The Neretva River, visit historic sites, enjoy the ancient Mostar, Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls, and Mostar shelters tour. Navigate to Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Kravice Waterfalls from Dubrovnik and get a chance to see the mesmerizing beauty of nature.
Make these adventurous places a part of your new travel destination bucket list and enjoy the life to the fullest. Traveling keeps you alive and rejuvenates your soul.
Have a merrier trip!

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