5 Underwear Rules That Every Fashionista Should Follow

Getting your underwear right is important because even the best outfit will not look good unless you are dressed perfectly inside. What lies within matters a lot, whether you are dressing for work, party or a casual outing! The last thing that you would want is an ill-fitting bra or a pair of uncomfortable knickers marrying the grace of your fashionable outfit. Moreover, great-fitting underwear makes you feel confident and beautiful inside out. So if you want to ace the fashion game like a true fashionista, here are some underwear rules that you must absolutely follow.

Know your size

Not wearing the right size is the biggest fashion blunder that you can make with underwear. It can cause sagging or bulges that look awful on the outside.  Be very careful to pick only the right size when you shop. Remember that sizes may differ by brand; so you cannot stick to a standard when it comes to bra size in particular. The right size is all a matter of right fit, so you should know the size by brand and buy accordingly.

Stick by the color rules

While buying underwear, ensure that you have the right colors in your collection. Black, white and nudes are the basics that every woman must own. With colors, you may opt for several of them according to your choice. But when you do wear them, stick by the rules. For instance, never wear black underwear with white clothing; rather opt for nudes. A rule of thumb is that what you wear beneath should never be visible on the outside.

Comfort is the key

While the size and color of your underwear do matter, comfort is the key essentials to consider. If you feel comfortable, you will look good and feel confident. The right size and fit do guarantee comfort and so does the right fabric. Good quality fabric that offers the right amount of stretch and breathability is an ideal choice. You can try something like this comfortable, breathable underwear that is ideal for all-season wear.

Buy some matching sets

While you can pick some separates, buy some matching sets and combos for making your collection a complete one. A woman naturally feels confident and sexy as she steps out wearing a power combination underneath. Do invest in a few luxury pairs to pamper yourself. You can keep them aside for some special occasions when you want to look and feel elegant.

Ask for advice

Underwear shopping is not a one-time thing as you would need to replenish your collection from time to time. Do ask for advice because your best friend may actually tell you about an amazing new style or brand that she may have tried recently. Also, make sure that you upgrade your collection every time you feel that your size has changed, even if a wee bit.

Even though no one can see what lies within, your underwear can actually make all the difference to your appearance and confidence. As the fashionista you are, you should not ignore the value of stepping out in the right ones!

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