5 unique and stylish lounge wear sets on my Christmas wish list!

Like we already know, Christmas is  the most wonderful time of the year. The excitement in the air is so thick you can literally cut through it with a knife. The yuletide season gives us so much opportunity to give and receive love, Share gifts and spend quality time with friends and family. One more thing I love about Christmas is the fact that there’s so much food to eat, whatever cravings you may have had all through the year, you probably would get the chance to fulfil it at Christmas.

As much as I love to eat whatever I crave, I also recognize the importance of staying fit and healthy, so I try as much as I can not to forget to continue with my exercise routine. Staying healthy would help me start off the new year with a bang!

In my search for some great work out and lounging outfits, I found some velour loungewear from justyouroutfit that are both chic and sporty, perfect for anyone looking for smart and beautiful gym outfits, outfits for simple evening walks and outfits for just lounging around with friends. I decided to create a wishlist of these lovely wears.

pink vogue print tracksuit set : this Pink tracksuit caught my eye when I was glancing through the lounge wear sets that I would wish to own, first off, pink is one of my favorite colors and secondly, I love the fit and design of the outfit.
Tracksuits are the best option when it comes to style and function, they are my go to clothes for outdoor activities. This particular set looks really comfortable as well as lit. Whether you’re out and about or just taking a stroll around the street, this tracksuit is a great choice.


light grey paris slogan hooded lounge set looking for something simple but classy, sporty but comfy, then this light grey hoodie is a safe choice. I love it. I have a special love for hoodies so I was quite impressed with this hooded lounge set. This grey lounge set will make you stand out against the rest. If you wish to style it up a bit, this outfit can be styled quite easily, with a bag and a nice pair of shoes, you’re good to go. It’s perfect for a walk in the park and a trip to the grocery store, just to mention a few.


Brown maze printed co-ord jacket and trouser setWhen it comes to keeping it casual and yet chic, there are not so many options available to choose from. Most casual outfits tend to feel a little less than appropriate for certain occasions. That’s why I chose this printed jacket as one of the lounge wears I would love to have, I love the color and the design. This outfit is perfect, if you would like to switch things up a bit you can accessorize with jewelry and a pair of chunky sole trainers or boots. this maze printed co-ord jacket and trouser set is perfect to throw on and go.

white chain printed jacket and trouser co-ord set  This white chain printed jacket and trouser co-ord set can be dressed up with a pair of heels and accessory or dressed down with a pair of sneakers, it’s totally up to you. It is perfect for any body type. The design is quite unique and simple. Whether it’s a party you wish to attend or a family get together, I believe this printed jacket and trouser set is a great option.

black sweet but psycho slogan crop top lounge set
Who says you can’t look chic, while lounging around. This slogan crop top lounge set screams hot! just team it up with black trainers for that added touch and you are good to go. I would absolutely love to Rock this outfit to sporting events and wear it for outdoor activities.

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