Here Is How You Can Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. The first is water. People consume gallons of tea every year and there are about 3,000 varieties of tea available across the world. Many scientists believe that tea can help cure different diseases and it has also been scientifically proven. Sit down and enjoy your perfect cup of tea keeping the following things in mind.



  • Time it



The most important part of making a cup of tea is how long it should be steeped. Since every tea is different, it depends on the type of tea. It could be anywhere between two and five minutes which is the ideal brewing period and it also depends on the leaf.


  1.    Temperature


In addition to the steeping time, you need to consider the water temperature. This will vary based on the type of tea you are brewing. It can range from 175 to 210 degrees based on the type of tea you are using. When you use water that is too hot for your type of tea, it will cause a bitter taste. Marley Andrews from Sips By says that you don’t need hot water to make tea, but can infuse tea leaves in cold water in your fridge overnight.


  1.    Use fresh water


If you want to enjoy the best tea then do not use water that has been sitting idle in the kettle for a long time. You can use freshly poured from the tap. Stale water basically means stale tea. Never be in a hurry to taste your tea. A cup of tea is best consumed after it is left to sit for about five to six minutes. The cup of tea would have cooled and released all the flavors.


  1.   What about milk?


There has always been an argument on whether to put milk first or tea first. If you are pouring water directly into the cup, do not put the tea bag in with the milk. If you do so, the milk will cool the water and your tea will not brew properly. However, if you are pouring brewed tea into a cup, it is okay to add milk first.


  1.   It will not taste right if you do not store it right


Tea tends to suck up the moisture and smell which can spout the taste of it. Hence, if the tea is not stored properly, it will not matter how fine you brew it or how perfect the water temperature is, its taste will be compromised right from the start.


  1.   Tea bags or loose leaf?


Always, loose-leaf. When you use loose leaf tea, it will have the freedom to unfurl with ease during the steeping process and this will give a better flavor and fragrance. The finely chopped leaves of tea bags will leave small particles and could produce a lesser flavor.


There is nothing like a hot cup of perfectly brewed tea and with these steps in mind, you will be able to enjoy your favorite brew.  


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