10 Best Ways to Get Motivated to Write a Paper

If you are interested in writing papers the way the esteemed authors do it, you should always remember about the potential possibility of the writer’s block. It can happen to anyone, and it really can make your perfect plan fail. If you don’t feel the motivation to write your paper, don’t hurry to blame yourself, just start trying different options to overcome this state of mind.

#1: Write as you think

After you have done the preparatory work on the article and gathered a lot of facts, you need to forget about it. Imagine that you are a judge and have a hammer in your hands. You soared over history, impartially appreciated it and understood what it really is.

Now you need to give the brain to do a simple job: select the most interesting for each item of the plan and write it in those expressions that come to your mind. Without banknotes and literary. Write as you think. Do not stop the “stream of consciousness.” Let the text first seem to you ugly, “not combed”: it is fine, it should be like this.

#2: Talk aloud

We all tell stories in our own way. We combine words, images, meanings, develop our own style or, in other words, narrative. The surest way to grope a narrative is to talk out loud. Take the best friend or relative, turn on the recorder and start retelling the plot of your article, book or speech for the audience. Insert successful pieces into the text. To avoid wasting time, install a speech recognition program (for example, Real Speaker).

The idea of this method is simple: learn to argue in your own way, without using cliche words, which usually crawl into the head. Over time, you will learn to formulate in an original idea – always, not once a day.

#3: Listen to the voice in your head

It sounds ridiculous, but it is very efficient. If you speak too fast and write slowly, the ideal option is to record for the voice that sounds in your head.

Yes, at first it will seem to you that the author looks like a madman to whom an inner voice gives orders. But after constant training, this voice starts working for you. You will learn how to clearly formulate the text for speaking in public, communicating with bureaucrats and for solving other life problems.

#4: Set Limits

The secret of this method is to determine in advance how many thousands of characters you need to write today. And start writing as much as you like, but following a detailed plan. Without literary processing. Through force. Surprisingly, this activity in itself brings the electrodes to the brain: after a while, it will spark. The main thing – to endure.

#5. Delegate Some of Your Tasks

Often we get into a writer’s block because we see all the work that lays ahead of us and can’t gather our head to approach it at the needed level. In this case choose the assignments which are truly important for you, the ones you would really to write on your own and other than that, delegate assignments to professional writers. Here is what one of our readers say:

“I don’t want to promote essay writing help as the only solution for students, as I order papers rarely, but when I get fully stuck I choose 1 task among others and address a professional to write my paper for me online. While it is being prepared I feel like at least part of my load is gone as productivity increases.” Stan

#6. Don’t Forget About Fresh Air

It seems that there is no more banal advice than this one, but it is truly working. Before you say that we just waste your time, go out for 10 minutes top and have some air. Our brain can’t work properly for long when we don’t receive enough oxygen.

#7. Make a Step-by-Step Plan

Make all the steps ridiculously detailed. LIke: “take a red and green notebook with lecture materials, take liners, underline two types of notes, this and this, etc.” You will spend no more than 20 minutes writing this step-by-step guide for your brain, but when you are done, you will feel like procrastination finally fades away.

#8. Ask for Ideas

Often we can’t start writing because we don’t have some idea about the text that would motivate us. Talk with someone who would understand your problem and ask to share ideas. Brainstorm together. Once you have at least one sparkle of thought that makes you feel engaged, you will start writing at a normal pace.

#9 Eat Something Sweet but Not Too Much

Half of one Tick-Tack gives your brain 2 minutes of increased productivity. But if you eat a pack of these candies in two minutes, you will get more energetic for several minutes, and later sugar will drop dramatically, and you won’t be able to do anything. When you are stuck it is a good idea to eat a banana or a small piece of dark chocolate, if you don’t have medical restrictions of course.

#10. Work In Standard Patterns

The best writers didn’t work spontaneously. They worked like dogs, writing on schedule for days, weeks, years. Joanne Rowling spent two years just creating the rules for Harry Potter world. Make a working plan and do at least something related to research and writing in working hours. Avoid at any cost social media at those hours as well.

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