Best Serums to Combat Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem for many people of all ages and skin types. This can not only cause an embarrassing “shine” on the face, it also creates a number of other problems due to the fact that it increases dirt and debris in the pours, which can lead to blackheads, pimples, and other issues as well, depending on how serious the problem is. It is usually worse for people who live in more humid climates, especially near the ocean.


You couple those problems with the fact that it is usually hotter and more saturated with UV rays in these areas, and the increased perspiration only adds to the dirt and grime already building up. But what is a person to do if they already practice a detailed skin care regimen where they use multiple different types of cleansers and solutions to try and counter the effects of oily skin?

Well part of the problem might be that what you are using isn’t specifically designed for what you are trying to correct, or even worse, something in one of the many products that you may be using could actually be hindering the effectiveness of a vitamin or supplement which is suited to help with this sort of condition. A vitamin c and e serum, for example, has several natural ingredients in it to help alleviate the problem of excessive oil and skin lubricants.


By exfoliating and cleansing the skin both on and beneath the surface, this solution helps to neutralize the bacteria that produce the excess oil in the first place. For the best long-term results, using this product twice a day (morning and night) is recommended. Also, keeping it refrigerated will help extend its use period and slow down the dissipation of its formula.


Another product that we discovered had incredible virtues for reducing oily skin was the best hyaluronic acid serum available today, and it packs a punch when it comes to knocking out this frustrating problem. This non-greasy and fast drying solution will make sure it doesn’t leave you with that “gunky” feeling that less quality offerings tend to do for people who are already struggling with an oily complexion.


The specific benefits of this formula are the fact that it takes an active part in moisturizing, replenishing, and then repairing and replacing the existing skin cells (which are producing and storing all of that excess lubrication), leading you to a whole new batch of fresh and undamaged skin cells that can then be conditioned to produce less oil through your regular skin care regimen.

The final thing we took a serious look at isn’t a cream or a serum at all, but rather an accessory. A dermaroller can have a profound impact on scaling back oily skin and pours. Multiple tiny little needles (don’t worry, they aren’t those kinds of needles) gently massage your skin, opening it up to better absorb the various skin care products and formulas that you are using to battle this frustratingly persistent problem. However, equal persistence on your part in treating it will ultimately lead to success.

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