8 Ways Reading To Children, Helps Parents

There is no doubt reading helps children in all types of ways including helping children to improve their learning ability. However what many parents don’t know is that reading to children actual helps parents as well.

1. Improving Behaviour

Misbehaving children is something which all parents have to deal with from time to time. However scientists have discovered there is a link between a child’s behaviour & the amount of time they spend reading. Meaning children who read often are less likely to exhibit challenging behaviour than their peers. Children learning a new language also exhibit better behavioural traits. There are so many tools available for kids to learn languages through for instance if a child is looking to learn the Spanish language , there are books and tools that cover learning Spanish for children.

2. Nurtures Critical Thinking Skills

Reading improves a child ability to think critically. Children make thousand of decisions every day. Children who have higher critical thinking skills are more likely to make good decisions as they are able to think through the consequences in a more logical manner. This has a two fold effect for parents. Firstly parents teachings are more likely to be understood by the child has they have an higher ability to think on the words said; secondly children making better decisions means there is less of a chance parents will be put in complex and difficult situations orchestrated by their child’s actions.

3. Aids Social Understanding

Reading exposes children vicariously to new situations, it can help inform a child of the world around them, what is appropriate behaviour & what is not. Reading gives children a better understanding of different social situations. This new understanding & experiences can inform their behaviour and allowing children to predict the possible consequences for certain actions. Allowing children to understand social expectations quicker & easier.

4. Better Sleep

Many parents complain they do not get enough sleep. However researchers have found a positive correlation between children who read & improved sleep when compared to their non reading peers. Meaning parents who read often to the their children, are less likely to suffer with nightly bedtime issues with their children.

5. Support Mental Health

Many parents are worried about the amount of pressure children have to deal with, from exams to peer pressure, and how this pressure will effect their child’s mental health. Scientists have discovered a link between children who read & their mental health robustness. There is likely to be a time of hardship in an child’s future, however by reading to their children, they are more likely to mitigate the future mental health ramifications. 

6. Help With Stress

Scientists have proven reading helps reduce stress as well, not just mental health, but reading actually actively reduces stress in the body. Not just for the child but for the parent as well. Meaning by reading parents & children are lowing their stress levels. Stress can manifest in many different ways from exacerbating illnesses to making your hair fall out. Daily stress revealing opportunities are vital to help reduce the impact stress has on the body, in education & in relationships.

7. Super Parenting

Studies have concluded that parents who read to their children for pleasure are less like to exhibit harsh parenting behaviours towards their children. Meaning reading to you children makes you a better parent overall, in all activities & interactions.

8. Makes Parents Feel Good!

Reading to children has been shown to have over 30 benefits, & is the number one predictor scientists have found to predict a child’s future success, including socio-economics & background. The simple act of a parent making time in their day to read with their children, will boost the parents self esteem, that they are doing the one thing which can help their child flourish in the future.

Top Tips

To get the most out of every single book, choose books which are held in high esteem, as these will give your child great idea of what excellent literature looks like, and will help inform their own writing abilities.

Be consistent. Consistency is key to getting the best results for both parents and children. It gives a foundation on which the child feels secure & parents can build upon.

Important Information

School books can not be used as a substitute. This is because the brain reacts differently if you are reading for pleasure or if you are reading for work or school. This includes children’s brains producing more grey matter, when reading for pleasure when reading for school. Grey matter is what helps the brain form connections, and actually improving the child’s ability to learn.

Make Reading ALL Pleasure

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