A Guide to Appropriate Countryside Walking Attire

If you are new to the country social scene, it is likely you will have many questions, and one would be regarding what to wear when out and about in the great countryside. One must be well prepared for anything the harsh climate can muster, yet looking good is also a prime requisite, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips on suitable walking attire in the countryside.

Wet Weather Preparation

If you happen to be living in the UK, the rainy season unfortunately is all year round. Regardless of the time of year, the rain can be literally just around the corner, and this means you need to have a light pair of waterproof leggings and a plastic raincoat, which weighs next to nothing and folds up into a tiny section, making it easy to carry. There are excellent online suppliers of country attire. You can easily explore the collections of Great British Outfitters, who happen to be one of the best online outlets for quality country clothing.

Layered Clothing

By wearing layers that are easily removed, you will never be too hot, and if the weather is chilly, the layers will help retain your body warmth. The inner layer would be cotton, which helps your skin breathe and avoids unpleasant moisture caused by sweat, and if the temperature is pleasant, you only need one outer layer – plus, of course, your wet weather gear – which you would keep in your pouch.

Quality Hiking Boots

For comfort and safety, one simply cannot be without the right footwear, and a pair of good quality hikng boots will last you years, providing, of course, you look after them. If you would like to browse an online selection of quality outdoor apparel, check out the leading merchant who stocks all the best brands, and at affordable prices, you really can’t go wrong.


Avoid wearing denim, no matter how good it feels, as this coarse fabric is restrictive and should you get wet, wearing jeans is a nightmare. Ideally, your trousers should be light and with ample pockets for the many items you might want to take with you. If you can find a pair of walking pants that are waterproof, so much the better and rather than spending half a day looking for suitable retailers, an online search will give you access to all the best hiking attire, and at lower than retail prices, I might add.

Head Covering

The wind can be a real issue when you are hiking, and most walkers will wear a suitable flat cap that can protect from the sun and wind. Winter hiking might require a thick bobble hat, and this is one area where fashion might have to take second place to comfort.

Whatever you choose, please bear in mind how the weather can change at the drop of a hat, and with online suppliers of quality apparel, finding the right clothing is easy. Shopping online allows you to browse at your leisure, and a secure online payment will see the goods on their way to your home.



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