How to lose weight if you work 9-5

How to lose weight! We know this seems like an impossible endeavour.

With the amount of time you lose in the morning just commuting to work to the precious moments you cherish having with your family.

So where in the world can you fit in a diet regimen and workout sessions. The truth is you must, this is not optional, if you want your body to be able to handle this level of stress it needs to stay strong and healthy, and carrying around all the extra weight doesn’t do you good.

Luckily there are healthy and effective ways to lose weight while still juggling all the other day to day obligations. Here are a few tips to guide you on how to loose weight even if you work 9-5

How to lose weight If you work 9 5How to lose weight

Organization is key.

Sit down and make a schedule, find at least three days in a week when you can take that one hour for yourself, either to hit the gym or a group training. Count in the logistics, so if you can, find a training center near your work or your home, that will definitely save you some time. Now on to the nutritional part. Plan your meals ahead for the upcoming week, buy all the necessary groceries during the weekend and prepare the portions the night before. Remember, just because you are on a diet regimen not everyone in your household needs to be, so make sure you stock the fridge regularly, and leave a shelf just for yourself. Yes it will be a temptation, but you are strong enough to overcome it.

Feel good about itHow to loose weight

If going to the gym isn’t your preferred activity, there are a couple of things you could do to motivate yourself. First one is shopping, of course. Get yourself some quality compression clothing, it can provide you with great muscle support and prompt the recovery, not to mention you’ll look good wearing it. The next item on the list is a stylish gym bag to pack up all your gear, you can be fashionable and sporty at the same time. Finally, invest in some stunning gym shoes, you will look good, feel good and at the same time they will keep your joints safe.

Be resourceful

Believe it or not you can lose weight even at your desk. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity. The first part is simple, stay away from the office break room and all the unhealthy snacks that await you there. Bring your own quality substitutions, and stay firm. Next is fluid intake, if you are not a big water lover, try infusing it with fruit, so add some lemon, ginger or mint to your water, or opt for a blueberry/cucumber mix. Now we move on to the exercises, there are several options you can implement in order to strengthen your abs and thighs. If you extend your right leg until it’s level with your hip and then slowly lower it you are bound to feel burn in your quadriceps after 10-15 repetitions, Just don’t forget to switch legs.

Fortify that willpowerHow to loose weight

In the end it all boils down to how bad do you want it. And we are not talking just about the fit, toned body, we are talking about a healthy, energetic body that will serve you well for years to come. So every time you feel like saying, not today, I’ll start with proper diet and exercise tomorrow, or next Monday, just remember the sooner you start the easier it will get. The new and improved lifestyle will become a part of your daily routine, and pretty soon you won’t even consider missing gym appointment.

Ready, set, GO! Start creating a healthier version of yourself today, and don’t let that 9-5 job define your lifestyle. There is always room for change, you just need to be brave enough to try it.


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