Tips for Brands and Bloggers on Enhancing Blogger Outreach

Half of everything I know, I learnt from blogs, raise your hands if this sounds like something you do too, I turn to blogs for literally every information I need to get and you really can’t blame me!

The world is fast becoming a virtual plane, and blogs have now become one of the most efficient and most reliable sources of information in this age and time, most people spend most of their time on the internet so the traditional form of information like radio, television and print media are gradually going extinct.

A large percentage of people rely on blogs for reviews on products and services before making a purchase, this is because most Bloggers don’t just create content on their blogs, they create relationships with their audience and build communities, vibrant, interactive, relational communities. In light of this, most business are turning to blogs for advertisement, and sponsorships in other to increase their reach.

In turn, Bloggers use their platforms to help brands promote their businesses, either by serving as brand ambassadors for their products and services, creating relevant content to help create awareness for products or services or promoting giveaways, just to mention a few, so It goes without saying that if you are looking to make any success out of your business, you cannot do without blogs or Bloggers.
These and more are the reasons why most brands need to expand their blogger outreach, and Why Bloggers need to also optimize their platforms in other to appeal to more brands, and get more paid Blogging jobs.

Here are some tips for brands and Bloggers on how to  increase blogger outreach.

Tips for brands on how to increase Blogger outreach Blogger outreach

One of the biggest challenges most brands face when trying to work with Bloggers, is not knowing how to find suitable bloggers and how to effectively work out campaign strategies. This is where professional Blogger outreach services come in handy. A professional PR agency can help brands connect with trusted Bloggers and influencers who they already have a working relationship with. When a brand needs to create a particular campaign, they help to identify suitable blogs, develop a campaign strategy, work out a price for the campaign and agree on the time of delivery. These responsibilities are taken off the shoulders of the brand, it saves time, its cost-effective and better results are achieved.

As a brand looking to Increase your reach it is better to connect with bloggers who have built real communities and Trust amongst their audience. It’s not always about a large number of followers, some bloggers do not have large following but have more reach within their sphere.

Most importantly, make sure that the Bloggers you are looking to promote your business are a good fit for your brand, and then get them talking about your brand. Some of the ways you can tell if a blog is a good match is by checking their

• social media platforms,
• About me page
• Previous Posts
• The demographic of their audience

Blog promotions can be in form of 

• Sponsored Posts
• Product reviews
• Social media promotions
• Giveaways
• Sampling campaign
• Blogger events
• ambassadorships
• Attending events


Tips for Bloggers on how to increase Blogger outreach Blogger outreach

As a Blogger who is looking to monetize  your Blog, you need to endeavor to create first and foremost relevant content that your readers find useful. This will in turn help you gain a vibrant community of active followers. Some bloggers have gained the trust and respect of their readers by telling honest, authentic or personal stories.

Secondly, be creative as an influencer, Make sure your content is creative and fun this tends to be more Captivating and appealing to readers and brands as well. The most effective campaigns are oftentimes the original and creative ones.

Finally, as a Blogger you can enhance your Blogger relations/outreach by registering with professional PR agencies or Blogger outreach services. These agencies help to connect Bloggers with trusted brands and get paid Blogging jobs for Bloggers, in the process taking away the rigor of having to pitch to brands.


Did you find These tips helpful, kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts on Blogger outreach.

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