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Electric Experts – Characteristics to Look Out For

A look around your home or office will reveal a lot of things that are run by electric power. From the simpler electric powered gadgets like your regular appliances to the more complex systems, each and every one of them requires electricity to function.

It does not matter the source of the electricity, whether solar, geothermal, hydro or windmill, they are all still electricity. You may want to check out the different sources of electric energy here.

With the level of dependence we have on electricity, it is very important that we have constant access to an expert Electrician Ashburton or any other electrical services in your area. This will ensure that we can easily have any electrical issues that may arise around us fixed quickly and efficiently.

Electricity is not just useful, it is also very dangerous. If an unqualified persons attempts to fix an electrical problem, it could have catastrophic consequences. We therefore cannot afford to hand over our electrical works to just anyone. These tasks must be handled by a qualified electrician. How can we identify them? Let’s find out.

How to Identify Electrical Experts


When I need licensed electricians in my area, it is likely that I will be looking for a company and not necessarily an individual. We will therefore be looking at how to identify the right company to handle your electrical needs.


The first thing you want to check for is the reputation of the company. You can check for this by asking around to get the views of folks who have used their services. You can also go online to see if there are reviews from past clients on any of the review sites. You obviously need a company like SOS Synergy that is well reputed for their top quality work. You cannot afford to take the company’s word for it. It’s their past clients that can tell you the truth.


Another part of what you should check for is how much experience they have in the field. The longer they have been operating successfully, the more likely they are to render good service. Note that the issue here is not just how long they have been operating but how long they have been operating with a high level of success. Many years of bad service cannot count as experience.


You probably should check for this much earlier. You certainly do not want to work with a company that is not duly licensed to operate in your state. Before an approval is offered, the state will have ensured they meet a minimum requirement. It is therefore important that you only work with properly licensed companies.

Qualification of its Engineers and Technicians

This is another critical factor to look at. The level of expertise possessed by the company’s technicians and engineers will be reflected in their qualifications and certifications. There is a minimum level of qualification you should expect from anyone who will handle any electrical work in your home or office. This may be a national certification or a local one. Either way, there must be something to show the qualification.

Areas of Expertise and Services Provided

The statement “jack of all trades but master of none” usually applies to partially qualified individuals. You should be wary of anyone individual who is an expert in every aspect of electricity. If a company offers a wide variety of electric solutions, they should have experts in these different areas. The best hands are usually those that have specialized in a specific field. Look out for specialization especially when you need sensitive tasks handled.

Safety Record

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration keeps records of safety hazards that occur around the country. For electrical services, safety records are critical. An expert electrical technician of a company that offers electrical services should ideally have a very high safety record, confirmed by the OSHA. This is something that you should never compromise on.

Insurance Cover

Like we stated earlier, electricity can be very dangerous. No matter how careful a person is, something can go wrong for any number of reasons. It is therefore a sign of a professional company to have adequate insurance cover. This cover will ensure that on those really rare occasions when mishaps occur, the parties involved are duly covered.


If you joke with every other thing in your home, do not joke with electricity. Always ensure you give your electrical jobs to none other than professional electric experts. Carefully go through the process of choosing a contractor or company to handle your electrical jobs.

List out companies you are considering and put them under the microscope. Compare among them to find the one that excels on all the points listed above. You can of course consider other factors like location and cost. However, the more important factors to consider are those listed above because they are critical to the quality of service delivery you will get.

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